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CBSE is pleased to announce that the 26th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School
Complexes 2020 is proposed to be hosted ONLINE by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex on
11th and 12th December 2020. 


1. Technology as the substructure of all blended learning environments 
2. Building on students’ strengths /synergizing weaknesses as opportunities for improvement 
3. Authentic and meaningful learning through the integration of arts 
4. Being mindfully Inclusive – a step towards building bridges 
5. Honing appropriate skills that build competencies for future-readiness 
6. Productive management of Mind and Heart with the Head 
7. Research and inquiry as a powerful teacher-driven tool to enact change in classrooms.

This National Conference marks a very important milestone in the roadmap towards establishing the
goals of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 by providing a platform for the discussion of the key
issues outlined in the NEP but with the emphasis on the competencies required of all stakeholders –
students and the teaching faculty in particular.
The core competencies required of our students are to be envisaged not from the viewpoint of the near
future but the envisioning that needs to look into the challenging times ahead as possible futuristic
forecasts of a decade or more.
The Big Questions that are likely to arise at this crucial juncture would be: 

 What are these core competencies that need to be built? 
 How will Schools become the enablers of these building blocks? 
 What are the ways and means to empower the teachers as well as the learners to take up the
challenges associated with the needs of the future? 


 To discuss on the areas of the Big Questions with a focus on creating a blueprint for action,
advocacy, collaboration and cooperation amongst all CBSE Schools. 
 To provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of various aspects that are designed into
Sub-Themes as given. 
 To enable direct interaction amongst the participants and the experts with opportunities for
exploring the various dimensions of the themes in focus.

Please register online at http://nationalsahodayaconference.now virtual. live for participation in the 26th
National Annual Conference of Sahodaya Schools Complexes 2020. The last date for online
registration is 5th December 2020. The participants will have to pay online Rs.750/– as the registration
fee (non-refundable). Participation fee collected by the host Sahodaya will be subject to third party
audit as laid down by the Board.
Source: CBSE

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