A Short Story, but a Real Story…By Neena Singh

A Short Story, but a Real Story…

So, the thing is:
Our trip has got canceled, and the management is not allowing us to work from home.
All work is suspended – everyone is sitting idle. The franchise schools are not responding
because they are closed due to coronavirus outbreak.
It’s a chilling kind of time!!
In the meantime, let me share a little incident with you:
A few days ago, I met a girl who narrated her strange story. 

She used to work in an office where the atmosphere was very unprofessional. She was
an innocent & honest person who used to keep herself busy doing her job – but the
cunning employees had an eagle eye on her to pull her down. However, the
management knew her work – they never criticized or said anything wrong to her.
After three months of her tenure, one day – the chairman suddenly called her. 
She was
shocked and got very scared because of the unexpected call from him. So, the next day,
she took leave for a day as she wasn’t feeling well. Then the chairman called her at his
home and asked her if he can take her to the doctor. She agreed and went to his home –
and, to her surprise – he proposed her.
It was an extremely troublesome moment for her. 

After a few moments of silence, they
left for the doctor. Nobody uttered a single word.
That girl then told me that the chairman wanted to keep her in his company for a long
time because he needed a reliable and trustworthy person who could be a part of his
family as well.
Okay! So, the first thing is that the man is already married. Oops!
He was forcing her to accept all his conditions. 
And as she was in high need and had no
choice, she agreed to everything he asked.
She asked me that was it love or attraction? Was it one-sided love or compromise from
his side?
Because, now, she is in love with him.
Story By Neena Singh
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