AI Course 2020: Join online Artificial Intelligence course at home for free

Nowadays, the use of artificial intelligence is increasing in almost every field.  Various problems are searched in an unconventional way through Artificial Intelligence so that they can be solved automatically in future.  It is evident that in such a situation the demand of professionals who are aware of Artificial Intelligence is also increasing.  In such a situation, in the era of Kovid-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Education is giving a chance to take a free online artificial intelligence course at home.  Free online courses of various sectors are being run on the ‘SWAYAM‘ portal of the Ministry, among which are courses in Artificial Intelligence.  A number of courses are available on the portal from UGC to AECTE, IET, IIM, various universities and other education institutes or organizations.

How to Join Online Artificial Intelligence Course?

  • To join the Artificial Intelligence Courses being run by the Ministry of Education itself (SWAYAM), you have to visit the portal  After this, one has to search Artificial Intelligence courses by browsing in ‘Course Catalog’ or through ‘Search Catalog’.  After this, you can enroll or join online by choosing the course according to your desired results.  Direct links to some Artificial Intelligence courses are given below.

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