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CSC Bal Vidyalaya – (Pre-School)

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Technology-enabled playful learning

CSC Academy has setup 21 CSC Bal Vidyalaya across 10 States. The CSC Bal Vidyalaya addresses playful and joyful learning for the children in the age group of 3 to 5 years. The school shall function with primarily two classes- Nursery and KG. Some details on requirements are given below.

CSC Academy is identifying existing CSC VLE’s who are associated with running pre-school and who are interested to establish CSC Bal Vidyalaya pre-schools, primarily in rural areas.

In case you fulfil the requirements and are interested to set up CSC Bal Vidyalaya submit your details at –

It is aimed to set up one CSC Bal Vidyalaya in each District.

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    • ⇒Already running a pre-school – separately or part of a bigger school
    • ⇒All necessary local authority approvals have taken and valid
    • ⇒Minimum space, infrastructure as listed below
    • ⇒Refurnish (paint, etc) at least two classrooms for Nursery and KG
    • ⇒Install wall TV set (32”/43”) in each class
    • ⇒Internet connection for each class or WIFI
    • ⇒Full-time teachers/helper for each class
    • ⇒CSC Bal Vidyalaya will run under the banner of the main school


    • →Graduate/NTT Diploma Course (Nursery Teacher Training)/D.EL.ED/B.E.D
    • →Basic Computer Knowledge
    • → English Communication
    • →Preferably Female Teacher


    a. The built-up area should be a minimum of 1500 sq. ft, preferably an open to sky area for
    landscaping of 800 sq. ft and a semi-built area of 200 sq. ft. The open area should be safely
    cordoned off from adjacent properties or natural features and should preferably be of a
    permeable/ semi-permeable surface. The presence of a large tree as a focal point shall be a
    special plus but is not mandatory or expected!

    b. An optimum size of a Classroom shall be ranging from 250 sq. ft – 300 sq. ft with a critical
    minimum width of 14 ft and a desirable width of 15 to 16 ft. This is to accommodate a flexible
    seating configuration for learning + indoor activities.

    c. There should be provision/ space for separate ergonomic toilets having natural light and
    ventilation with a minimum dimension of 5ft x 3 ft for the kids, staff and the physically
    handicapped, along with hand-wash, leg-wash, and drinking.


    • ⇒CSC Bal Vidyalaya brand name
    • ⇒ Infrastructure and design guidelines
    • ⇒Teaching Digital content
    • ⇒ Curriculum guidelines and detailed pedagogy
    • ⇒Equipment/Items↵
    • ⇒Computer/projector
    • ⇒Alexa
    • ⇒Learning Wall
    • ⇒Standardized ID cards – Students and Teachers
    • ⇒Designs – School Board, Marketing designs
    • ⇒Teacher Foundation training and on-going Refresher training (Webinar, e-learning)
    • ⇒ Continuous Teacher Consultation support – WhatsApp
    • ⇒On-going support

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