Be A Part of India’s Biggest Youth Entrepreneurship Hunt.

India’s First Entrepreneurship Search & Mentorship Platform for Young Adults.

India‘s biggest youth entrepreneurship hunt – Future Tycoons Season #3 is here! Attend design thinking boot camps with experts & mentors. Learn how to build ideas that are user-centric & sustainable.
The theme for this season is ‘Education Redefined‘. This pandemic has pushed all of us to look at a lot of transformational changes in the current school education system. All stakeholders such as schools, parents, teachers, education boards, governments are busy in implementing solutions to make school education more relevant in the changing times. But missing out on the voice of one of the most crucial and the biggest stakeholders…. The students! IFT # 3 invites young adults across the globe to identify opportunities, innovate and create solutions that can potentially transform the current school education landscape. So if you have an idea, we offer you a platform to interact with mentors, product development experts, domain specialists, design thinking experts to convert them into meaningful solutions that would result in.

  1. Winning cash prizes worth INR 200,000 (Winner INR 75,000 & next 5 teams INR 25,000)Featuring in IFT top 24 impact ideas, which are video graphed and published on all our social platforms getting more than 5 million views.
    Getting recognition at some of partner global platform.

  2. Getting recognition at some of partner global platform.

  3. Winning certification of participation.

  4. Register yourself now & watch out for more details! And it’s absolutely FREE.

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