Can Teachers and Students Be Friends -An Article By Durga K Nair

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Can Teachers and Students Be Friends?

Sure, teachers clown around from time to time, but the better teachers remain clearly adults, facilitating learning, offering insight, and representing larger society as students try on new vocabulary, behaviors, fashions, and politics, always watching how we respond.

In an increasingly connected world, we can’t afford a policy of, “Teachers may never be friendly with students,” but we can help teachers and students recognize clear boundaries rightfully established in successful teaching-learning relationships.
We have to look for a balance between what to cultivate and what to limit in teacher-student relations. There are boundaries, yet we want to be inviting to students and make sure they know they are good company. For as long as the child is a minor, however, it’s not the same as friendships we enjoy with adults. 

Teachers and students can share an equal interest in local sports teams, for example, trading team updates, re-telling great moments in legendary games, and showing souvenirs to each other. These are acts of human connection that are valuable to both parties.

Students prefer teachers to be adults, not overgrown versions of themselves. Students gravitate toward teachers who inspire them to become something more than they are today, not extensions of their current condition.
Teachers and students share small parts of life’s journey with one another every day. If they find something in common, are thoughtful toward one another, and through extended time, develop trust beyond that of mere acquaintances, they can’t help but become friends with one another, and this is a good thing.

If a teacher is invested in their students’ lives, it is easy to know if a student is going through a difficult time. This is because the teacher can easily tell when the student is not behaving normally, or the student confides in the teacher because they trust them. The problem is then addressed instead of letting it grow and stressing the student.

When in class, incorporate humor in your lessons; this creates a relaxed atmosphere where students can easily contribute to the lesson. Asking students to share any experiences they have that relate to the lesson’s content is also a good way of getting them to relax and talk to you.

It is important for teachers to know that there is more to students than their grades in class, and it is even more essential if the teachers showed interest in other aspects of the students’ lives, outside the classroom.

Have friendly teaching experience strategies!

Durga K Nair – Working as a Vice-Principal
Jayanthi Public Sr. Sec. School Tirupur
CBSE school in Tirupur (Tamilnadu)

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