Government of India Announces CARA Poster-Making Competition for Students

CARA Poster-Making Competition Winners to be Honored with Certificates by Government of India

Competitions By Govt of India: Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) actively manages Indian child adoption and regulates both in-country and inter-country adoptions under the Juvenile Justice Act. Recognized as the Central Authority for inter-country adoptions, CARA aligns with the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption, 1993.

Focusing on orphaned, abandoned, and surrendered children, CARA connects them with suitable families through recognized adoption agencies. November is Adoption Awareness Month, spotlighting legal adoption and the safe surrender of children. This year’s focus is on adopting older children, those with special needs, and children in foster care.

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Poster-Making Competition for CARA Details 

Join the “Poster-Making Competition for CARA”, in partnership with MyGov, to spread awareness about legal adoption.

Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), in collaboration with MyGov, is inviting citizens to participate in the Poster-Making Competition, which aims to reach the masses through creative means and the involvement of the public at large, creating awareness of legal adoption and the safe surrender of children. The themes of the competition are:

1. Embrace love; transform lives.
2. ‘Adoption’ is a gift of hope.
3. Children need to be loved & feel like they belong.

Top 15 CARA Poster-Making Competition winners receive INR 3000 each. Contribute to this cause and help illuminate adoption’s significance!

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