Learning is more important than Exams and Marks

Learning is more important than Exams and Marks 

CBSE has declared results for grades X and XII. Congratulations to all those students who have done well in these examinations. Equal credit goes to the teachers, schools and parents who have supported the students in their learning spree. 

But today I would like to address those who are not satisfied with their marks/score/board result. 
Dear children and parents, life is much more than exams and marks. What matters the most is LEARNING. If a child has not scored well in Mathematics but he has learnt to address a group of 100 students, he has acquired a very important life Skill – Oratory – the art of Public Speaking.

 If another child has scored low in Science but he is planting a lot of trees to reduce air pollution, he will be a better future citizen than those who scored well.
A child’s education is incomplete without acquiring values and skills. Hence we should be equally concerned about the growth of these attributes in a child’s personality.
Time is changing briskly without waiting for anyone and so are the requirements and needs of the future generations. We have to equip our children to successfully face the future and excel.

It is very important to understand three requirements to take education to the next level –
1. EL – Experiential Learning
Students should experience the process of learning and evolve with learning outcomes.
2. PBL – Project-Based Learning
Students should be given learning-based projects leading to versatile and associative learning outcomes.
3. SBL – Skill Based Learning
The main aim of the teaching-learning process should be to enhance and develop the life skills of the children.  

It is my humble request to all educators, facilitators, teachers and parents to focus on these types of learning so that our children can become future-ready.

सिपाही गुरतेज सिंह की शौर्यगाथा – बलिदान होने से पूर्व एक दर्जन चीनी जवानों के प्राण लेने वाला दशम गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी का सच्चा सिक्ख।

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तुलसी साथी विपत्ति के विद्या, विनय, विवेक। साहस सुकृति सुसत्याव्रत राम भरोसे एक।। अर्थ- तुलसीदास जी कहते हैं कि विपत्ति में अर्थात मुश्किल वक्त में … Read More

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