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Registration open for CBSE Training Portal and Online Training Sessions by CBSE – November 2021 [cbseit.in]

Registration open for Online Training Sessions by CBSE – CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Teacher Training Program November 2021 [cbseit.in]

CBSE Training Portal (Online Training Sessions) by CBSE


[cbseit.in] CBSE Training Portal Online Registration For Teachers 2021 | online teacher training– Login, Form, E- Certificate Download, Fee Payment & Helpline Number. Check Feedback Form & Blended Learning Form on Official Website for CBSE training portal.

Quality Concerns In School Education Are Among The Priorities Of CBSE As They Play A Pivotal Role In The Development Of The Country. The Board Is Committed To Make Provisions For Various Cbse Training Programmes For Teachers (CBSE teacher’s training 2020-21) And Principals To Enhance Their Understanding Of Curriculum And Delivery Mechanism And Other Professional Qualities. Through The Cascade Mode, The Board Selects And Trains Master Trainers And Mentors For Ensuring The Benefits Of These Programmes To Percolate Down To All The Teachers And Students In The Schools. The Training Of The Teachers Assumes Even Greater Significance In The Wake Of The Right To Free And Compulsory Education Act-2009 To Ensure The Target Achievement As Per The Proposed Teacher-student Ratio Proposed In The Act. 

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Registration open for Online Training Sessions by CBSE – September 2021[cbseit.in]

1. All CoEs across the nation are hosting their online training programmes through
CBSE training portal / 
CBSE teacher training. Any participant can register for such online training sessions, (CBSE Training Portal) through his/her school authorities only (using school credentials, same as LOC
credentials) or as an individual participant, for any programme (from any CoEs)
listed on the
CBSE training portal. No other mode of registration shall be entertained. 

2. Individual participants can register themselves on the CBSE training portal registration / CBSE teacher training portal by filling the
form. The user id and password filled during registration shall be used for generating E-certificate on
CBSE Training Portal subsequently. 

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3. After successful registration of participants on the CBSE training portal/ CBSE online teacher training for CBSE training respective CoEs
will host an online training session and an Invitation link shall be sent to the participants
on their email ids. 

4. After successful conduct of CBSE online training session/ CBSE online training for teachers E-certificate can be downloaded
by the participant from the
CBSE training portal, after following the due procedure as
explained hereinafter.


Steps For Attending CBSE online teacher training program. 

1. Select Schedule and Venue 
2. Register
3. Payment 
4. Confirmation
5. Attend Training
6. Certificate & Feedback 

Available on the CBSE Training Portal Some of the services that teachers or principals can access from the CBSE Training portal include:

1.Register for online Training.

2. Download e-certificates

3. Fill up requisition forms for workshops

4. Register to become a resource person

5. Participate in foreign university programmes

How to Attend CBSE Training?

All details About CBSE teacher training login CBSE teacher training workshop 2021 CBSE teacher training certificate download CBSE teacher training institute CBSE free online teacher training 2021 online CBSE teacher training course CBSE online teacher training CBSE free teacher training All Queries will Solve In the following Link.

Teachers, Principals, or any other school representative who want to attend a CBSE Training Program/CBSE online teacher training program can follow the steps below 

1.Go to the official CBSE Training portal or click on the CBSE teacher’s training registration link – https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/.

2. Click on the “Click Here to Register for Online Sessions” link on the homepage. Or, click on the name of a specific city seen on the screen to filter the search for training programmes based on the location.

3. Locate the CBSE Training Programme of choice.

4. Press the Registerbutton for the specific programme.

5. Fill up the registration form with the required information

6. Complete the payment for the registration, followed by the confirmation process.

7. Attend the program at the allocated date, time, and venue.

8. Receive the necessary feedback and certification from the Board.

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