CBSE Announces the 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2023


Prepare for a two-day educational adventure at the 29th National Annual Conference for Sahodaya Schools Complexes

Mumbai, India – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has officially announced the 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes, to be held in collaboration with Mumbai Sahodaya Schools Complex. This prestigious event will take place on December 8th and 9th, 2023, at The Westin Mumbai, Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai.

The conference theme, “Reimagining the Changing Landscape – Quality Transformation in School Education,” aims to bring together educational leaders and stakeholders to co-create a sustainable future and gain a comprehensive understanding of the new policies and innovative practices introduced by CBSE, with a special emphasis on NEP 2020 and NCFFS 2023.

Engaging Sub-themes for Sahodaya National Annual Conference

The conference will address several critical sub-themes, each playing a significant role in shaping the future of education:

1. Lead The Change

This sub-theme explores how educational institutions can become leaders of change in the evolving landscape of education.

2. Quality Transformation in Education: Curriculum – Design and Assessment

The focus here is on the improvement of curriculum design and assessment methods for quality education.

3. Reimagining Learning Spaces

How can learning spaces be transformed to adapt to the changing needs of students? This sub-theme delves into this crucial aspect.

4. Rethinking the Educational Workforce

In an ever-changing educational environment, the workforce also needs to adapt and evolve.

5. Evolving and Emerging School Systems

Exploring the new systems that are emerging in education to meet the demands of a changing world.

6. Education for Resilience, Protection, and Well-being

Ensuring that education plays a role in building resilience, providing protection, and promoting well-being.

7. Vocational Education – Global Perspective

A look at how vocational education can be shaped to be globally competitive.

8. Education in the Digital Age – Opportunities and Challenges

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of integrating digital technology into education.

Call for Case Studies

The conference also invites educational institutions to submit case studies reflecting best practices on various topics, including technology in multilingualism, competency-based learning, mental health and social-emotional learning, cross-disciplinary skill integration, arts and creativity, inclusion and accessibility, and community engagement and internships.

Guidelines for Submission

  • Word limit: 1000 words
  • Original contributions only; no plagiarism accepted
  • Identify challenges and propose strategies
  • Include primary and secondary data
  • Mention references at the end
  • Submit in MS WORD format, Arial/Unicode (Hindi) font size 12, 1.5-line spacing, 2cm margins
  • Acceptable in Hindi or English
  • Include contributor’s name, school, and relevant evidence in .jpeg format
  • Submission deadline: October 31, 2023

Registration Information for Sahodaya National Annual Conference

To attend the 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes – 2023, please register online at or use The registration deadline is November 10, 2023.

Participation Fee for Sahodaya National Annual Conference

Participation fees will be subject to third-party audit, as per CBSE guidelines.

For additional information, please visit or contact Dr. Rashmirekha Saha at 9766392660 or Mr. Rajeev Garg at 9819856550.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an event that promises to shape the future of education in India. Register now and join the educational transformation.

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