CBSE Board Launches New Campaign To Fight Against Corona, Aims To Add 5 Million Youth To Impact 50 Million People

CBSE Board launches new campaign to fight Corona aims to add 5 million youth, apply this way

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken an initiative to bring awareness among the ever increasing corona cases in the country. Under this, the board has launched a new campaign named ‘Young Warrior’. The campaign aims to add 5 million youth.

50 million people will be affected

In this regard, the board has sent a letter to all its affiliated schools asking students and teachers to join this movement. Through this campaign, the board has set a target of affecting 50 million people. Any student or teacher can join this campaign. Students participating in this should be between 10 and 30 years old.

The campaign will be run with the help of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Yuvah-UNICEF and 950 multi stockholders.

How to apply

To connect with the campaign, students and teachers can WhatsApp by writing YWA on the phone number +91 9650414141. Apart from this, they can give a missed call on 08066019225. After joining this movement, students or teachers can inspire ten or more youth to join this campaign.

Young Warrior movement: How to join 

Step 1: Type on WhatsApp- YWA and send it to +91 96504 14141, or give a missed call to 080-66019225

Step 2: Once the participants join in, they can motivate 10 or more young people (10-30 yrs) to join the movement 

Step 3: Pledge to take action against COVID-19 by posting message with the phrase ‘I am a #youngwarrior’ on social media.

Step 4: Tag atleast 5 friends on every post. 

The tasks will be hosted in 10 regional languages for the ease of participants and citizens. The first is a technology-based chat-bot platform called UReport (WhatsApp YWA to +91 9650414141). 

Central Board of Secondary Education, together with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry 
of Health and Family Welfare, YuWaah-UNICEF and a multi-stakeholder consortium of over 950 partners,are activating the #YoungWarrior movement. #YoungWarrior is a nationwide movement to engage 5 million young people to lead action against COVID-19 and impact 50 Million people.

Therefore, all School leaders are requested to encourage – any student and/or teacher between the ages 10 and 30 years of to join this movement, and safeguard themselves, their families, their communities, and the country!

Why #YoungWarrior? 

As India faces the brunt of the devastating second wave of COVID-19, 300 million young people represent
one of our best hopes at a solution. Our engagement with millions of young people last year to support the
response to COVID-19 crisis, led them to identify a strong desire, and leadership skills, to make a difference
at a crucial time like this.
Young People, the Ministry of Youth Affairs (MoYAS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(MoHFW),YuWaah and UNICEF, with the support of 950+ coalition partners across Government, Civil
Society, UN Agencies and Private Sector, activated – #YoungWarrior – a pan-India movement to engage 5
million young people across the country to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

What is the #YoungWarrior Movement? 

The engagement is simple so that young warriors can mobilise, connect, learn, influence and lead action
against COVID-19 accelerate a return to normalcy. Each young person has to be enroll his/her peers, and
pledge to protect themselves, their families and their neighborhoods against COVID-19 by undertaking
specific actions.
This engagement will comprise a series of easy and real-life tasks with the #YoungWarrier earning
certificate for their actions. These tasks will be hosted, both online and offline, in 10 regional languages. The
first is a technology-based chat-bot platform called UReport (WhatsApp YWA to +91 96504 14141). The
second is an Interactive voice response (IVR)-based platform (missed call to 080-66019225 ) for young
people who may not have whatsapp/internet and the third is through community radio for those who have
no access to phones or internet. Some examples of tasks include: ‘Fake news police’:train in myth-busting
tools to detect myths/falsehood/misinformation; ‘Vaccine buddy’: to encourage registration for vaccination
and ‘Tension buster’: to enable peer-to-peer mental health support by young people. 

For Partnering with us on this exciting initiative, 

please contact:

1. Lalita Sachdeva, Partnerships Specialist.
Email: ; Mobile: +91 95601 98558 

2. Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief – Generation Unlimited, Youth Development & Partnerships. Email:; Mobile: +919810745372 

As a Partner, you can contribute in any/all of the following areas: 

1. Amplify this campaign in your network (including employees) and provide support to participate
2. Share any knowledge/information resources that you might have already developed in the fight
against Covid. 
3. Be a part of various sub-groups to contribute towards the larger plan and coordination 
4. Generate and contribute ideas that can help make this movement better 
5. Offer rewards for our Youth Warriors based on their participation and progress points, etc. 

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