CBSE Board New Assessment Scheme; CBSE Board, 10th 12th Examinations, Assessment Scheme For 10th 12th Examinations, CBSE Academic Session 2021 22

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CBSE Exams will be like this: 50-50% syllabus of 10th-12th will be covered in term 2, only multiple-choice questions in term-1; If the epidemic changes the situation, then its preparation too

CBSE, which was forced to cancel the 10th and 12th board examinations this year due to the Corona epidemic, has now already made preparations for the next academic session i.e. 2021-22.

CBSE on Monday announced the Special Assessment Scheme for Class 9 to Class 12 in 2021-22.

Under this, instead of the traditional board examination based on 100% syllabus in class 10th and 12th, two examinations will be taken in the name of term-1 and term-2 in a year. In every exam, 50% of the questions will be asked from the syllabus, that is, 50% will be asked in the syllabus Term-1 and the remaining 50% will be asked in Term-2. It is necessary that the paper board of both the term examinations will be made by the board.

Term-1 paper will be multiple choice based, which will be on OMR sheet. Not only this, the syllabus will also be more rationalized according to the online learning and steps will be taken to make the internal assessment of schools more reliable.

In view of the increasing uncertainty due to Corona, CBSE has also decided four assessment scenarios. Term examinations may be held in the presence of an external supervisor or at an external center if the circumstances are absolutely favourable. On the other hand, in the worst case, if the school remains closed for the next entire session, then the students will give both the term papers from home.

➡CBSE declared assessment scheme for class 9th to 12th for the session 2021-22
➡ In 10th-12th, two board exams will be taken in a year, first in November-December this year.
➡ Term-2 Preparation to be conducted in March-April next year, no exam on 100% syllabus

Term-1 Exam Will Be Held In November-december 21

Term-1 exam will be conducted in November-December 2021. The paper will be MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of 90 minutes duration. The answers have to be filled on the OMR sheet. The board will announce the exam schedule, along with the paper and marking scheme. The examinations will be conducted in the presence of external examination invigilator and supervisor. The marks will be uploaded on the CBSE website on the day the paper will be held. Term-1 marks will be added to the final result.

Term-2 Exam Will Be Held In March-april 2022

Term-2 examination will be conducted in March-April next year at the external examination centers set by the CBSE board. In this test of two hours, broad and short answer type questions will be asked in the traditional mode. If it is not possible to take the examinations in the traditional way due to the continuation of the corona epidemic, then the examination of 90 minutes will be conducted like mid term and only MCQ type questions will be asked, the answers will have to be filled on the OMR sheet.

Board Ready For Every Situation Of Corona

It is completely uncertain what the situation of the corona pandemic will be during the next full season. In view of this uncertainty, CBSE has also made full preparations. The result formula has been made differently for 4 types of situations.

1. If Schools Are Able To Open For Both Term Exams

If the conditions of the corona epidemic improve, then both term-1 and term-2 examinations will be held at the school or examination center.
(Marks of both the term will be considered as equal (50:50) contribution in the final result)

2. If Schools Remain Closed In Term-1, Open For Term-2

If the schools do not open, the Term-1 examination will be held from offline or online homes. If schools open till Term-2 examination, the examination will be conducted in the traditional way.
(The weightage of Term-1 marks will be reduced in the final result)

3. If Term-1 Is In School, School Cannot Open In Term-2

If the Term-1 examination is held in the school but due to the circumstances of the epidemic, the school remains closed continuously till March-April, then there will be no Term-2 paper.
(Result will be made on the basis of term-1 and internal assessment)

4. If The School Remains Closed Both In Term-1 And Term-2

If the school is not able to open on a single day during the entire session. In such a situation, students will give both Term-1 and Term-2 examinations from home.
(The result will be prepared by adding the marks of internal assessment with the marks of both the term)

These Measures To Improve Internal Assessment

➡ Apart from both the term exams, schools will take at least 3 periodic tests in a year for internal assessment in class 9-10.
➡ Students are asked to include Enrichment, Portfolio, Practical and Listening Activity or Project.
➡ Schools will also have to include tests, practicals and project work of each unit in the internal assessment for class 11 and class 12 students.
➡ Schools will have to upload the internal assessment marks on the IT portal of CBSE.

All Schools Will Continue To Study Online

The board has said that until the local administration gives permission to open schools, all schools will have to continue education through distance mode. CBSE has said to make the 10th and 12th syllabus more rational in terms of online study. That is, the preparation of the board is that if needed, the entire session can be studied online.

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