CBSE Circular- Change in the method of responses on OMR

CBSE Change in the method of responses on OMR 

Kindly refer to the communications issued to the schools through various circulars, guidelines for Centre Superintendent and OMR supplied that candidates will write small a, b, c, and d for marking the correct response in the box given in the OMR sheet. It has been observed that during evaluation, sometimes evaluators are not able to clearly differentiate between small letters.

This is taking more time in evaluation of OMR. It is therefore directed that the examinations to be conducted from 7th December, 2021 to till the end, in the OMR options will be marked by the candidates in capital A, B, C, and D as per the correct response. This decision is being taken in the midst of the conduct of examinations Hence, Centre Superintendents are requested to take the following actions strictly:-

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1Intimate all the Assistant Superintendents to announce instructions that now in place of small a, b, c, and d responses are to be given in capital A,B, C and D.

2. Invigilators will check during invigilation that all the candidates are giving responses in capital A, B, C and D. If not, it should be corrected

Observer will also check that responses are given by the candidates in capital A, B, C and D during the conduct of examination by taking rounds of the examination centre and also observe the same during evaluation.

All the Centre Superintendents are directed to disseminate above information and also ensure by visiting to all the rooms during the conduct of examination that instructions given by CBSE are being followed strictly.

All school Principals will also communicate to their teachers going for invigilation duty and to the students for complying with these directions.

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