CBSE Class 10 board exam 2021 results: This is how class 10th marks will be evaluated – Latest updates

CBSE Class 10 board exam 2021 results: This is how class 10th marks will be evaluated – Latest updates

A committee of 8 teachers will be formed for the result; the Number will be found on the basis of the best result of the last 3 years. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) results of the 10th board examinations will be declared on June 20. CBSE announced the results of the results on Saturday night. Due to Corona, CBSE canceled the 10th examinations to be held on April 14 this year.

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Now the board has announced a new marking policy for students. Based on this, the result will be released. According to the CBSE notification, every school will have to form an 8-member result committee to prepare the results. It will have math, social science, science and two language teachers in addition to the principal of the school. The committee will also have to keep 2 teachers from the neighborhood school.

Reference year will be the best session in 3 years

According to the CBSE, the year with the best results of the school in the last 3 years for the result will be considered as the reference year. The same method will be used to determine subject wise marks. The result of 2020-21 will be equal to the average marks of all the students appearing in the 10th board examination in the base year. However, subject wise marks of the students may be 2 marks more or less than the average marks.

For example, if the average of all the students’ marks in the school was 72% in 2017-18, 74% in 2018-19 and 71% in 2019-20, then the year 2018-19 would be considered as a reference year. Similarly, marks of subjects will also be decided subject-wise on the basis of the base year. CBSE will send the schools their reference year and subject-wise marks. The marks awarded in subjects can be given up to 2 marks more or less than the average marks, but the marks of five subjects cannot be more than the average marks of the reference year.

Internal assessment points as before

In the results of class 10th, 100% of every subject consists of 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for board examinations. 20 marks of internal assessment will be added as before. For evaluation of the remaining 80 marks, the board has given a formula to give weightage of 10% to the unit test or periodic test, 30% to the mid term or half yearly test and 40% to the pre-board examination. If a school has not taken the tests of these three categories or does not have an authentic record, the result committee will take a decision on it.

Only teachers who teach 10th in the committee will remain

The result committee will consist of the same teachers who teach in 10th standard, teachers of schools of the same management will not be allowed to be hired as external teachers. Such schools will not be able to exchange teachers among themselves. It is also to be noted that teachers are not the parents of any student. The Result Committee will prepare a Rational Document in the prescribed format to prepare the result.

Time table sent to schools

The board will release the results on 20 June based on the marks obtained from the schools. The board has also sent a time table to the schools to complete the different phases of the process of preparation of the results.

May 5 – Result committee formed for schools

10 May – Preparation of a Rational Document

15 May – If schools want to make an assessment

25 May – Finalization of the result

June 5 – Result submission

June 11 – Internal assessment points deposited

June 20 – Board will release 10th results

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2021: Breakup of 80 marks

Category/ Test/ Exams

Maximum Marks

Periodic Tests/ Unit Test


Half Yearly or Mid-Term Examinations


Pre-Board Examinations


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