CBSE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2021 – Check CBSE Board Exams FAQs

CBSE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2021 , Pre-Exam Counselling 2020 and Frequently Asked Questions for Board Exams By CBSE for Students 

CBSE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2021- Frequently Asked QuestionsThe Central Board of Secondary Education has released Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to class 12 and 10 board exams 2020. The CBSE FAQs have been made available on the CBSE website on 4th April 2020 to give more clarity to its stakeholders including students, parents, schools and teachers regarding the reconduct of Class 10 and 12 board exams 2020. Here we have provided the FAQs related to board exam dates, promotion policy for class 1 to 8, guidelines for class 9 and 11 exactly the same as released by CBSE. 

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Read All CBSE FAQs in Question Answer Format –

CBSE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2021

Student: How should I improve my presentation? Are any marks given for a good presentation?

CBSE: No separate marks are given, but your answers can be neat, well organized with important points underlined.

Student: While preparing, do I need to write whatever I am learning?

: Making notes helps you in understanding the chapter and also makes you confident.

Student: If a student fails in the pre-board examination, does that mean one cannot appear in the Board examination?

CBSE: Pre-Boards help students to know how well they are prepared for the Board examination. A student cannot be detained from appearing in the Board examination if otherwise eligible.

Student: I get very tensed when my friends tell me that they have revised the entire syllabus 2-3 times. I have not yet completed it even once.

CBSE: Do not panic just focus on your preparation. Draw a daily timetable and be regular with your practice.

Student: Is whitener allowed in board exams and can we use a gel pen?

CBSE: Use of whitener is not permitted. Yes, Blue or royal blue ink gel pens can be used.

Student: I have a doubt whether the pre-board examination marks would be considered in the board examinations?

CBSE: No, the marks obtained in the pre-board examination are not added or included in the Board examination marks.

Student: Do examiners deduct marks for exceeding the word limit and spelling mistakes, especially in the language papers?

CBSE: No marks are deducted for exceeding the word limit. Marks for spelling mistakes and other errors are deducted in the Language Papers.

Student: How can I reappear in Board exams?

CBSE: A student who failed in class 10th or class 12th Board exam can reappear as a private candidate or as a regular student admitted in school. For further information, you can visit

Student: Will questions be asked from the Board’s sample paper?

CBSE: Sample question papers help you know the design, pattern, and types of questions. Questions in the examination may be from any part of the syllabus. So, prepare thoroughly from the entire syllabus.

Student: Is an Extra sheet provided in the exam for writing answers?

CBSE: Yes, you will get an extra sheet for writing answers.

Student: Is it compulsory to write the answers in the same sequence as in the question paper?

CBSE: No, you may attempt those questions in the beginning which you know best. Make sure that you write the correct answer number to each question.

Student: I would like to know the important chapters which I can prepare to score good marks?

CBSE: It is not advisable to do selective study for examinations. The Board has a prescribed syllabus in every subject. You are expected to study thoroughly from the entire syllabus and understand the concepts in order to score good marks in the examination.

Student: My writing speed is very slow and because of that I am not able to complete my paper. Can something be done?

CBSE: Write the answer and practice so that your speed improves Before writing any answer during the exam, organize your ideas and try to write your answer in points if short of time. Never omit an entire question.

Student: I am in class Xth and I have got 76% in my pre boards. Does that mean that I cannot achieve 90% marks in boards?

CBSE: Just continue putting in your best effort, do not stress yourself. You should devote more time to those topics and subjects in which you are not very confident.

Student: Should one write the answers in one’s own language?

CBSE: The answer should correctly contain what is asked for in the question following the word limit and instructions given.

Student: If a choice is given to attempt any one of the questions in the Board exam, can we attempt both? If yes, which answer would be considered?

CBSE: The instructions given in the question paper should be followed. Attempting both the options not only takes away much of the precious time but also confuses the examiner.

Student: I am appearing for the Boards and was done with my course while preparing for pre boards. I am confused regarding what to do now?

CBSE: Since you have been preparing for your examination throughout the year, there is no cause of worry. Work on a timetable so that you get enough time to revise all subjects. This approach will boost your confidence.

Student: My brother has applied for CBSE + 2 improvement exam in 3 subjects. Now he wants to improve in only one. Is it possible, or will he have to appear for all three subjects?

CBSE: It is the choice of the candidate to take an improvement examination in one, more or all subjects. However, if applied for more subjects and appearing in less number of subjects, the remaining subjects will remain ‘absent’ in the marks column.

Student: Many times it is heard just before the examination that the paper has leaked and question papers are available on social media.

CBSE: CBSE has a foolproof system of conducting examinations. Do not pay attention to such rumors and unverified news. However if such information comes to your notice, you should immediately contact CBSE by email or phone.

Student: Is it compulsory for a student who has failed in theory to repeat the practical examination also?

CBSE: No, The candidate shall appear only in the theory and previous practical marks will be carried forward. Please see Board’s circular in this regard on its website

Student: Will a student lose marks if opting for Hindi as a medium for writing board examinations?

CBSE: No. The students will not lose marks for giving answers in Hindi medium.

Student: Suppose I complete my paper before time and hand over the answer sheet and then realize that I have incorrectly answered one of the questions, can I take back my answer sheet and rewrite the answer?

CBSE: Yes, you can request within the time limit but it is even better to hand over the answer sheet when the time is over to avoid such a situation.

Student: I am very scared of board exams and despite studying the whole year, I am not confident. I also make silly mistakes. What can I do to overcome this?

CBSE: Do not worry. Stay relaxed. Always write down while revising topics. Practice regularly to solve sample papers within time limits. This will help you gain confidence and also retain the subject matter. Read the questions carefully before writing. Take regular breaks and relax during practice.

Student: I am nervous to take exams, can my parents accompany me to the examination center?

CBSE: No, parents are not allowed inside the examination center but they can wait outside

Student: Will I be allowed to go to the washroom during the examination?

CBSE: Yes, you will be allowed along with an invigilator who will accompany you.

Student: Is the syllabus for Class 10th and 12th available on the CBSE website?

CBSE: Yes, the syllabus of Class 10th and 12th is available on the CBSE website

Student: When a Candidate drops one year, what is the syllabus applicable for the following examination of next year?

CBSE: The candidate is to appear in the syllabus prescribed for the year in which he or she plans to appear for the exam. Students are advised to refer to the curriculum for that academic year available on the website.

Student: Is a candidate eligible to improve his/her performance after qualifying Class 10th and 12th?

CBSE: Yes, a candidate who has qualified class 10th/12th exam, may appear for improvement in one or more subjects but in the succeeding year only.

Student: Will the Mark statement be one for improvement of performance as well as Main Exam in 10th and 12th?

CBSE: No, candidates appearing in the improvement of performance are issued only marks statement reflecting the marks obtained in the improvement examination only.

Student: How many times can a student of Class 10th and 12th appear in the Compartment exam?

CBSE: A candidate placed in the compartment can re-appear in July/August in the same year. He/She may also avail 2 nd chance in February /March/April next year and may further avail 3rd chance at the compartment exam to be held in the month of July of that year.

Student: What are the passing criteria for Class 12th?

CBSE: A candidate has to pass in 05 subjects of the external exam as per the scheme of studies to be declared pass in addition to the internal subject.

Student: Can a candidate simultaneously appear for improvement as well as an additional subject exams?

CBSE: No, candidates appearing for improvement in one or more subjects cannot appear for additional subjects simultaneously.

Student: Do the marks increase or decrease after the process of verification of marks/re-evaluation?

CBSE: The marks may increase or decrease after the process of verification of marks as per the actual marks obtained and the candidate will have to accept the revised result.

Student: Is a new carks Sheet issued after verification of marks/revaluation?

CBSE: Yes, a new mark sheet is issued in case of a change of marks. It is issued only after the old marks statement has been surrendered.

Student: Is it mandatory to pass in Theory and Practical Exams separately at Class 12th?

CBSE: Qualifying marks in each subject of the external exam are 33%. However, in subjects with practical works, one must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate, in order to qualify in that subject.

Student: Does CBSE have any exemption for the differently-abled candidates?

CBSE: Yes. You may see the Board’s circular dated 12th April 2019 available on website

Student: How can we obtain a copy of the Answers Book of Class 10th / 12th exam?

CBSE: Applicant may apply for obtaining photocopy of answer books by paying prescribed processing charges as per time frame set by the Board.
For details please see our website at the time of declaration of results.

Student: How can I get sample question papers and question paper designs of standard level and Basic level Maths?

CBSE: These are available on

Student: Will Practical be held for the students giving improvement exam or their practical marks from 2019 will be carried on?

CBSE: Practical marks of candidates who have appeared in 2019 will be taken from the record available with the Board. For candidates prior to 2019 i.e 2018 or before, proportionate marks will be awarded.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Board Exams By CBSE

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