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CBSE has been taking digital initiatives at various levels of education. The Board has been exhorting its schools to setup at least one classroom for each classroom equipped with technology to enable usage of digital instruction materials in the classroom so that students are given adequate exposure to digital materials. Schools are encouraged to use ICT enabled teaching and progressively move to enabling each classroom with technology for usage of digital materials in the classroom. Recently CBSE advised schools to use digital education as suggested in the Alternative Calendar published by NCERT. The Board itself has switched over to digital mode in its daily functioning using e-office platform of the Government of India and organization of all of its meeting digitally. Following are some recent initiatives:

A. Resources

1. Launch of “Vidya-Daan”, a program to enable teaching and learning for classes I to XII
CBSE conceptualized “Vidya-Daan”, a program based on crowd sourcing of content from teachers and meant to synergize countrywide developments by providing schools and teachers from the Metro cities to the smallest villages with good quality e-content that can be used by them anytime, anywhere at no cost. The aim of this program is to empower each school, teacher, and student by providing an ease of learning. CBSE had pioneered phase-1 of VidyaDaan by pooling various types of e-learning content for classes VI-X with the help of contributions from different affiliated schools and developed a repository of 10,000+ e-learning content pieces. The work regarding remaining classes is going on. Total Content Played between 23rd March and 8th April is more than 6 Million.Hon’ble HRM has launched VidyaDaan 2.0 program today i.e. 22nd April for inviting e-learning Content contributions.
2.CCT Practices 
The CBSE Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT) Weekly Practice Program to enhance higher order cognitive competencies of learners and to generate curiosity by connecting learning with real life situations. It was launched on 08.02.2020.
Set of 5 questions are shared every week for students of classes 7th-10th on Reading Literacy (English and Hindi), Mathematical Literacy and Scientific Literacy with the aim to provide a good opportunity to build critical thinking skills amongst students. These items are also be used by teachers to initiate discussions and engage learners in self-learning explorations.
The CCT questions and solutions can be accessed online on DIKSHA mobile application/Web browser and can also be downloaded as a pdf.
3. Digital textbooks-All CBSE textbooks, resource books are available in digital form at the CBSE website. Anyone can use these resources free of cost.
4. Digital Manuals and Handbooks
CBSE has brought out more than 14 manuals on different aspects and different stakeholders. All these manuals are available on CBSE website.
• Handbook on Experiential Learning
• Art Integration
• Integrating Artificial Intelligence across Subjects
• Artificial Intelligence Facilitator Manual
• Manual for Teachers on Joyful Teaching and Learning
• Handbook on Hubs of Learning
• School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA)
• The Compendium of Courses after +2
• Manual on Outcome Based Inspection for Affiliation
• Handbook on Eco-Clubs and Water Conservation
• Handbook on Cyber Safety
• Handbook for Principals
• Handbook on 21st Century Skills
• Self-Learning Material for newly affiliated schools
of Mathematics
5. CBSE-Shiksha Vani

The Board has prepared its own Podcast platform entitled- ‘CBSE-Shiksha Vani’. CBSE-Shiksha Vani is available on Play Store for Android users by which members can effortlessly receive the audio/video information files on their cell phones almost instantaneously as and when uploaded by the Board.
This podcast disseminates crucial information related to the Board’s activities in a timely, educative, lucid and seamless manner.
More than 400 Podcasts on grade wise content and training manuals have been uploaded on CBSE Shiksha Vani.
6. Provision of information and organization of activities through Website
CBSE Academics and Training units manage a very easy to access and vibrant website which constantly provides latest information about Boards academic and training initiatives such as circulars, syllabus, Sample Question papers, various other academic resources. Training unit has a national registration portal for all trainings across India. Nearly one lakh teachers are trained during the lockdown period.
B. Capacity Building of Teachers
Online Training Sessions: Online sessions of one hour duration vide circular no. 31, 5th May 2020 were introduced. More than 2 lacks teachers have participated so far in the training sessions conducted by 16 CBSE-Centre of Excellence (CoE) and Training Unit of the Board.
Online Training Modules through Diksha app: Board has launched following online training modules on DIKSHA app vide Circular no. 39 dated 3rd June 2020:
a. Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
b. Health and well-being in Schools
c. Pedagogy of Language
d. Learning Outcomes and Pedagogy
e. Pedagogy of Mathematics
C. Student Enrichment Activities

All enrichment activities in CBSE are processed through digital mode. The following are some examples:
1. Online Conduct of Heritage India Quiz
CBSE conducts CBSE Heritage India Quiz every year to inform the growing generation of students the inter-link between their culture and heritage and the need for sustainable socio-economic development alongside modernization. This year it will be conducted entirely through online mode.
2. Online CBSE Storytelling Competition
Central Board of Secondary Education announced the first CBSE Storytelling Competition for the students of classes 3rd to 12th of all CBSE affiliated schools to promote creativity and critical thinking among students, enhance analysis and evaluation skills and develop communication skills. The competition will be conducted through online mode
3. Online Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge
To promote interest and proficiency among students through joyful assessment, a Ganit Challenge has been conducted by CBSE. The Computer Based Test mainly focuses on the extent to which children are able to apply mathematics to their daily life. The feedback from the performance of the test help the Board to handhold the schools and children in application of mathematics in daily life. The challenge is conducted at two levels in which all students from class VIII to X can appear.
4. Expression Series
Schools are advised to encourage their students to participate in Paragraph/ Story/ Essay/ Article competition organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India for classes 1 to 12 to sensitize students about various important issues. This is all done through online. Each participant (of the best entry from school) gets an online certificate of participation at his/her registered e-mail ID . 
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