CBSE Launches’ Dost For Life’ mobile app, will take care of students’ Mental Health

CBSE Board Launches ‘Dost For Life’ Mobile App For Students, Will Be Helpful In Problems Related To Mental Health

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The examinations have been postponed once again due to increasing cases of corona in the country. In such a situation, students are facing mental problems. To help students with this problem, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched a new mobile app. This app named CBSE Dost for Life which is available on Google Play Store.

‘Dost For Life’ App available for CBSE students

This application is available for students from class 9th to 12th to help them in maintaining their mental health. Earlier, the board had also issued a toll-free number for the students. Currently, this mobile app is only for CBSE affiliated schools, which is available for the Android platform.

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Feature of Dost for Life :
  1. Students will be able to join the specialist by choosing the time slot as per their convenience.
  2. Students and parents can choose any one of the two time slots.
  3. Three times a week, live counseling sessions will be conducted free of charge by the trend counselor/principal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  4. Course guidance after 12th will also be found on the app.
  5. Tips to keep mental health right will also be given.
Board issued Manual – Download Now

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The board has also prepared content for students and parents on social, emotional and other aspects to deal with problems such as examination anxiety, Internet addiction, depression, behavior change. It can be seen on the official website and on the CBSE YouTube channel. In addition, a manual on the conditions that arose due to the epidemic is also available at

CBSE Dost For Life App An exclusive Psychological Counselling App for students and parents of CBSE Affiliated Schools – Download App 

Schools and family are important social units which anchor the health and well-being of all individuals. Schools have the prime responsibility to promote and optimize the physical, social and also the mental health of students. The emerging challenges have necessitated that the schools also shift the focus to the psychosocial needs of students and take care of the overall wellbeing. Identification and Prevention can essentially create safe ecosystems. Perhaps first of its kind in the country, this publication attempts to align the role and importance of, parents, schools, teachers, counselors, special educators as immediate care givers at different developmental phases of students. It is earnestly hoped that this will lead to appropriate sensitization and healthy discourse. Mental Health and Wellbeing – A Perspective The purpose of this manual is CARE: 

Mental Health and Wellness Manual – Download

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