CBSE ‘Skill Yatra Campaign’ for Skill Awareness

‘Skill Yatra Campaign’ for Skill Awareness for Teachers, Parents and Students

CBSE Latest Circular and News: CBSE’s Skill Yatra Campaign is an innovative initiative to foster skill education awareness as per NEP 2020. By harnessing a mobile lab for nationwide outreach and career counseling, the campaign aims to inspire students, parents, and communities about the value of skill and vocational education, opening pathways to employment and entrepreneurship.

CBSE is planning to launch ‘Skill Yatra Campaign’ to create awareness about Skill Education under NEP-2020. In this initiative, a fully equipped mobile lab shall be utilized for outreach and career counselling etc. for students.

Objectives of Skill Yatra Campaign

• To spread awareness about Skill Education in Schools, communities, and parents and remove the misunderstanding about skill / vocational education

• To help accelerate the spread of skill education across the country and support the goal of Skill India initiative of the Government of India

• To increase awareness about post-high school higher education opportunities and options and promote employment, entrepreneurship

• To increase the participation of girl students in skill education and also encourage them to seek the opportunities in non-conventional skills

• To spread awareness about the Skill Education in Schools policy initiative of the Government of India and its availability among the stakeholders i.e., the schools, parents, and the students.

Under this campaign the vehicle will travel to major regional areas of the country. It will spend 4–5 hours in one school. The local coordinator will make all the arrangements to organize the event in advance and make necessary announcements, create media awareness, and publicity around the school, and also invite the students from the neighborhood schools to attend the skill demonstration and training.

Officers/ Officials from the local government, opinion makers from the society, etc. will also be invited to the event. All organizations interested in participating in the Skill Yatra Campaign and having a mobile vehicle may contact Sh. R. P. Singh, Joint Secretary (Skill Education) on the email id by 15 th July 2023.

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