CBSE Training Portal [] – How to Download CBSE Training Certificates ?

How to Download CBSE Training Certificates?

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CBSE Online Training Portal Download E Certificate

CBSE Training Portal – All CoEs across the nation are hosting their online training programmes through the CBSE training portal. Any participant can register for such online training sessions, (CBSE Training Portal) through his/her school authorities only (using school credentials, same as LOC credentials) or as an individual participant, for any programme (from any CoEs) listed on the CBSE training portal. No other mode of registration shall be entertained.

How to Download CBSE Training Certificates?

The participants can download the e- certificate after the successful completion of their training program. Steps to download the CBSE Training Portal e Certificate. The CBSE Training Certificate can be downloaded from the official CBSE Training Portal. Applicants can visit the CBSE Online Portal to Downloading their Training Certificate. See the steps given below to download the E Certificate of CBSE Online Training.

Steps for Download CBSE Training Certificates 

  1. Visit the official website of the portal.
  2. Click on the “Click here to download E Certificate” option given on the homepage.
  3. Click on the link given on the page as applicable by the user.
  4. Fill in your user ID and password and fill the captcha code in the fields.
  5. Enter User ID
  6. Enter the Password
  7. Enter the Security Pin
  8. Press the “Login” button
  9. The user will be directed to the Confirmation and Payment Options page.
  10. Press the button “Click Here to Proceed for Online Payment.”
  11. Click on the login button.
  12. Click on the download certificate button and download the certificate easily.

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