Confidence Building Personality Walk organized for the young students of Saffron School

Confidence Building Personality Walk

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Educational News: In yet another endeavor to build confidence and instill charisma in the little ones, Saffron Public School organized a ‘Personality walk’ competition for students of classes I – VIII. 

Children were given unique topics, and they were supposed to portray the character or theme and walk and talk like it. Students of different classes were given different themes to work on, for example, class I children were allotted cartoon characters, class II was given ‘  helpers of the Society’, class III was given characters based on Indian leaders, and so on and so forth.

Children performed meticulously displaying their personality skills and exhibiting great confidence in their character portrayal. Besides performing on various personalities, the students also learned many things about the business tycoons of the world, famous personalities in art and literature, world leaders, and renowned painters. 
The topics were well-thought and beautifully articulated by the students. The teachers helped them in their preparation for the same, but the students performed confidently, making the competition extremely tough to judge.
Principal, Dr.Sandeepa Sood motivated all students by referring to them all as winners, and she established the importance of such activities which only build the personality of children and make them confident speakers.
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