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 ‘The charm of Mathematics lies in the certainty of its results’. Come and experience the understanding of mathematics with experts “Free of cost”.TO ENROLL: CLICK HERE
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Create a knowledge base about Human Behaviour, Social Organization, Culture through Sociology Course “Free of cost” TO ENROLL: CLICK HERE

Holds the key to our future, bridges divide and bring people together. Come and Enrol in the Psychology course for Class XII to advance your knowledge with #NCERT faculty in #NCERTMOOCs on Swayam- TO ENROLL: CLICK HERE

Wear mask/ face-cover, maintain social distance (Do Gaj ki Doori) and clean hands. The Ultimate Physics Course for Class XI “Free of cost” in #NCERTMOOCs on @SWAYAM_MoE. ‘Shockingly Simple Physics’ To ENROLL: CLICK HERE

“The biology of mind bridges the sciences – concerned with the natural world. Learn how these are integrated as part of our life” in #NCERTMOOCs for cllass11 Biology on SWAYAM.
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