Covid Children and Third Wave

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Covid Children and Third Wave 

Children are vulnerable in coming Third Wave of Covid infection. Parents along with the children should take more caution in coming days. Expressing this view today in the webinar Covid, Children and Third Wave , Dr. S.S.Poddar Sr..CMO, CGHS Kolkata has elaborated the possible precautions for children. He emphasized that like elders, children must follow covid appropriate behavior like using mask, regular handwashing and maintaining social distance. Dr.Poddar is of the opinion that though children have strong immunity system, still they should follow all protocols to safeguard them.

Jane Namchu, Additional Director General, PIB & ROB Kolkata said children should be protected from this pandemic in the best way.

Addressing the webinar, Dr.Jayanti Basu, Professor, Dept. Of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta said that boredom and depression are nowadays common symptoms among children in post covid-era. Engaging in domestic work, gardening, reading books are best way-out from this problems, she advised.

Moumita Shaw, Teacher-in- Charge, Agarpara Swami Vivekananda Academy said that initially children were reluctant in online class, but gradually they picked up and also exchanged the methods of covid approximate behavior among themselves as well as started enjoying the neo – normal school.

Participating in the webinar, lots of children have shared their views in pandemic time. They said, although sometimes they feel morose, but it is the time to fight it back not to surrender to the situation.

The webinar with huge audience was conducted by Field Outreach Bureau Bardhaman, a unit of Regional Outreach Bureau Kolkata.


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