CSIR Innovation Award for School Children-2021 (Last Date : 31st May, 2021) – Apply Now


Notice: CSIR Innovation Award for School Children-2021 (Last Date: 31st May 2021) – Apply Now

1. MOTIVATION Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is the premier Industrial R&D Organization in India. Innovation Award for school children to create awareness, interest and motivation for Intellectual Property has been created to support scientific temperament and to generate innovative spirit among school children. 

Aim of the CSIR Innovation Award 2021 Competition –

  1. To build awareness, interest and motivation for intellectual property.

  2. To support scientific temperament and innovative spirit 

2. AWARD CIASC (CSIR Innovation Award for School Children) is an annual national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children. The competition has been started in the year 2002 on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day which is celebrated throughout the world on 26th April. CSIR invites students to send their original creative technological and design ideas in the form of a proposal for the competition. 

3. SUPPORT The proposals invited for the awards are for exploration of ideas and for providing the feasibility or possibility of the concept on intellectual property rights. Winning entries are selected on the basis of the novelty and utility for any new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or a completely new method/device/utility.

4. PROPOSAL The proposals submitted should be one that is novel and utilitarian. It could be a new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or complete a new method/ process/ device/ utility. The concept of the innovation should have been proved through a model, a prototype or experimental data. It is encouraged that the focus of students on innovation is through ‘design ideas’. 

However, innovations related to other topics would equally be eligible.

Essays/mere compilation of information from published literature/ downloaded from the internet will not be considered. Details of any assistance/ guidance provided by teachers/parents/friends or others must be appropriately acknowledged. Applicant must submit the details of the innovation proposals by hard copy in English/Hindi (not more than 5000 words), along with an authentication certificate (having seal and date) issued by the Principal / Head of the School where the student is enrolled. Proposals must-have title of the Innovation, name and date of birth of the candidate, school and residential address, class, telephone no. (residence /school) and e-mail address. 

5. SELECTION The proposal for CIASC CSIR Innovation Award 2021 should relate to innovations developed /published / exhibited during the period January 1, 2020, to 31st December 2020 for consideration of the award. The applications for the award not exceeding 5000 words in English/Hindi with requisite drawings/photographs will be considered. The write-up must describe the subject matter in a problem-solution mode, highlighting the novel features of the innovation and its advantages. The awardees will be selected by a high level Awards Selection Committee. The decision of the Award Selection Committee / CSIR will be final and binding on the applicants and no enquiries / correspondence in this regard will be entertained. The CSIR Innovation Award 2021 would be announced on or before 26th September 2021.

6. CRITERIA FOR APPLICANT AND APPLICATION Any Indian school going student up to Class XII and below 18 years of age as on 1st January 2021 would be eligible to apply in English or Hindi through the Principal/Head of The school (for authentication purposes). Proposals can be submitted by a student or a group of students. However, a single award will be given to a group of students. The proposals would be categorized into groups such as Biotechnology/biology, Chemical, Electronics & Engineering/device and design. However, design-based applications are encouraged. The eligible innovations for consideration should be novel, and utilitarian for any new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or complete a new method/device/utility. The concept of the innovation should have been proved through a model, a prototype or experimental data. The proposal already awarded by any central/state government, ministry/ department/ organization/ need not to be sent for this scheme. 

7. No. of Prizes and Cash award prizes CSIR Innovation Award 2021 CIASC – There are in all 15 prizes. Besides a certificate, the cash awards are:


No. of Award positions

Cash Award

First prize


INR 100,000

Second prize


INR 50,000 each

Third prize


INR 30,000 each

Fourth prize


INR 20,000 each

Fifth prize


INR 10,000 each


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It is not mandatory that all the above 15 prizes for the award would be given. 

8. WHOM TO SEND 3 Applications should be submitted by hard copy through Registered Post/Courier to: 

Head, CSIR-Innovation Protection Unit, NISCAIR Building, 14 Satsang Vihar Marg, Special Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110 067 with the envelope marked on top left-hand corner ‘CIASC2021. 

It may please be noted that a hard copy of all applications should be submitted through the post with an authentication letter (with seal and date) from the School Principal on the innovation claims being made.

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children-2021 CIASC – participants can submit their entries through email ID:- ciasc.ipu@niscair.res.in also. A scanned copy of the authentication certificate (having seal and date) issued by the Principal / Head of the School where the student is enrolled is necessary with a proposal. In absence of the same, your school principal may please forward the entries to email ID:- ciasc.ipu@niscair.res.in. 

9. DEADLINE The proposal must reach IPU, CSIR CSIR Innovation Award 2021 CIASC before 30 th April 2021. Applications received on or before 30th April 2021 will be considered for the Award. 

10.ANNOUNCEMENT OF CSIR Innovation Award 2021 CIASC The Award will be announced on or before 26th September 2021, in New Delhi and would be communicated to the Awardees only. The awards will be given to winners on CSIR Foundation Day i.e. 26th September 2021. The cost of travel and stay in New Delhi will be borne by CSIR.

How can you apply for the CSIR  Innovation Award 2021 ?

Follow the below steps to apply for the award:

Step 1: Prepare an innovation proposal in English/Hindi (not more than 5,000 words).

Step 2: Enclose it in an envelope along with an authentication letter from the school principal.

Step 3: Also include other necessary documents.

Step 4: Seal and mark the envelope on the top left corner as ‘CIASC-2021’.

Step 5: Post the sealed envelope to the address below:

Head, CSIR-Innovation Protection Unit

NISCAIR Building, 3rd Floor,

14-Satsang Vihar Marg

New Delhi-110067, India

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Download CBSE CSIR Innovation Award 2021 Notification CIASC Download 

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