Decision on school fees – High Court accepted the government’s recommendations

The decision on school fees: High Court accepted the government’s recommendations, schools that teach online will be able to charge 70% tuition fees. 

The Rajasthan High Court gave an important decision in the private school fee dispute case on Friday. A division bench of Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanti said that private schools will be able to collect fees only as per the recommendations implemented by the Rajasthan government on October 28 last. That is, private schools that have taught online will be able to take 70% of the tuition fees as fees. The High Court pronounced this decision on the appeal of the state government and others. There were more than two dozen parties in the case. In such a situation, it took a long time for the court to hear everyone. In this case, the High Court’s double bench reserved the verdict after hearing the case on 16 December. 

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On the direction of the High Court, a committee was formed by the state government. The committee then gave its recommendations on 28 October. It said that schools that impart online education can take 70% of tuition fees. At the same time, after opening the schools, they will be able to take as much fee as the course is decided by the concerned board (secondary education and CBSE). But private schools and parents refused to convince the recommendation. The parents had overstated the 70% fee. At the same time, private schools had demanded the full fees. However, some private schools later agreed to charge 70% percent. But after the hearing in the High Court, everyone was waiting for the verdict.

After the decision of the High Court, the United Parents Association ended its gradual fast and picket. According to the media in-charge of the union, Abhishek Jain Bitu, the dharna was going on at the Shaheed Smarak at the Government Hostel, MI Road for the last 19 days regarding the improvement in education and the current school fees issue. Advocate Amit Changani, the president of the legal cell of the union, said that today there was no clear provision in the orders in the judgment. In such a situation, the parent association can also file an appeal in the Supreme Court. It is being considered.

State President of School Education Family Anil Sharma said that this decision is not practical and appropriate. The recommendations of the state government committee on fees were implemented on October 28. Then both the private school operator and the children’s parents did not agree. Both were agitating against this recommendation. Now the court has given the same decision.

The state government committee had recommended that when the school would be operational. Then you will be able to take full fees. Then where did the private school operators get relief? It was said that even the parents of the children would agree to the online class, only then they would deposit the fees. As if parents did not agree with online coaching and in such a situation, it is not our interest even to pay the fees. For the time being, we will consider filing an appeal in the Supreme Court.

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