Design Competition for K-RIDE’s Website Landing Page


K-RIDE is a joint venture of the Ministry of Railways and the Government of Karnataka

It has been created to boost “Rail Infrastructure Projects” in the state of Karnataka on the principle of cooperative federalism. The joint venture has been mandated with the critical responsibility of executing the flagship Bangalore Suburban Rail Project (BSRP). Headquartered in Bangalore, K-RIDE aims to become a benchmark in executing Rail related infrastructure projects in an agile manner.

K-RIDE Website Landing Page Competition:
•The Landing page should capture the essence of K-RIDE’s mission to be the benchmark in creating Rail-based infrastructure in the State of Karnataka.
•The merits of K-RIDE’s flagship project of the Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project should be prominently and creatively presented. It should capture the project’s motto to be a SMART mobility solution.

S– Synergetic (Urban and Rural connectivity)
M– Multi modal Connecting all modes of transport providing first mile and last mile connectivity).
A– Accessibility to all through Cost-effectiveness and reach
R– Reliability in terms of punctuality, convenience
T– Holistic Rail based transport mobility solution

•The “Touch and feel” of the Landing page should portray Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project’s mission to be a game-changer in terms of Rural-Urban connectivity and convergence of different modes of transport.
•It should capture the nativity of Bengaluru/Karnataka and the Corporate identity of being a Joint venture of the Ministry of Railways and the Government of Karnataka.
•Network map of the four proposed corridors can be seen on should be presented creatively, graphically highlighting important stations.
•The page should be contemporary and constructively/creatively illustrated through graphics, animations, etc.
•The tentative corporate colors are Blue and Green. Corporate values and philosophy should be captured in essence.

Prizes and Opportunity for tie-ups for further development:
•The winning entry will be awarded Rs. 25,000 First prize, Rs. 15,000 Second Prize and Rs. 10,000 consolation prize.
•Winning entrants can be given an opportunity for full-fledged development of webpage/website if they have the necessary technical credentials. The decision to engage will be at the discretion of the Management of K-RIDE.

The last date of submission is 13th November 2020.

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