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 Artificial Intelligence Integration In Subjects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Cognitive Science and the history of its evolution suggests that it has grown out of the knowledge derived from disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology, Computing and others. Hence, it is fair for any education system to recognize the importance of integrating AI Readiness to maximize learning across other disciplines. AI is being widely recognized to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy; and has gained geo-strategic importance. 

A large number of countries are striving hard to stay ahead with their policy initiatives, to get their youth ready to function in an environment driven by AI and other emerging technologies. India’s own AI Strategy identifies AI as an opportunity and solution provider for inclusive economic growth and social development. The report also identifies the importance of skills-based education ( as opposed to knowledge intensive education), and the value of project related work in order to “effectively harness the potential of AI in a sustainable manner” and to make India’s next generation ‘AI ready’. 

CBSE has introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject at Class 9 from the Session 2019-2020 onwards and has been conducting trainings for Teachers on how to use AI in the Classroom. A Training Video has also been prepared to assist the same. CBSE has also announced AI as a multi-disciplinary integrated pedagogical approach to further enhance teaching and learning across classes 6 to 10. This document is an attempt to propose how schools may train the trainers to match relevant topics/ themes from the curricula with AI concepts. It contains details on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Tools as pedagogical support for experiential learning. 

Guidelines for Teachers can be found in the form of Lesson Plans integrating AI in Classroom Teaching. How this Integration Document was created In keeping with the vision of CBSE to introduce and train Teachers on AI readiness, and the usage of AI in classroom teaching and learning practices; a series of online webinars were conducted with AI experts and Teachers of various Subjects from CBSE Schools. (see Figure 1) 

Lesson Plans in each Subject were discussed and written, and a suggestive list of activities and projects integrating Artificial Intelligence into regular subject teaching was curated and compiled. An AI Glossary, relevant to each Lesson Plan was created to facilitate ease of reference and usage. At the same time a comprehensive glossary of AI Tools used by all the subject teachers has been added to each of the subject documents. for reflection and necessary follow-up by teachers. 

It is important to understand that AI is one of the cognitive science disciplines that provides tools to build intelligence in contrast to other disciplines that just study and analyze the external behavior of intelligent agents. Realizing this need, it has been decided that all teachers teaching in CBSE schools should familiarize themselves with the prevalent AI knowledge and use it to make the learning of their subjects more effective and student-centered. It is visualized that such a step would help to build a larger understanding of AI among teacher and student communities. 

It is highly recommended that teachers explore the Exemplar Lesson Plans and Glossary in this document, and go beyond what has been showcased, to develop more such exemplars and teaching methodologies integrating Artificial Intelligence in day to day learning across subjects, for students.

Download AI Manuals – 

  1. Artificial Intelligence Integration In Mathematics
  2. Artificial Intelligence Integration In Hindi
  3. Artificial Intelligence Integration In English
  4. Artificial Intelligence Integration In Science
  5. Artificial Intelligence Integration In Social Science



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