e-Raksha Competition 2021 By CBSE

e-Raksha Competition 2021

The goal of eRaksha competition is to enable young people across age groups to become responsible digital citizens, following the required safety norms and procedures.

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The eRaksha competition also encourages the young minds to reflect about their responsibilities as young leaders, advocating for safer and responsible use of internet amongst their friends and families.

Educators and Parents are encouraged to participate and share their vision, unique experiences and suggestions that can encourage the young users to have more meaningful and enabling experiences in the cyber space.

In the last two editions of eRaksha competition 2019 and eRaksha competition 2020, we were amazed and inspired by such creative, innovative and beneficial  submissions by participants across all states of India. We look forward to many more valuable and artistic entries across various categories.

Note: The eRaksha competition is open for students from schools and colleges (irrespective of their abilities, disabilities, socio-economic background, regional identity, cultural identity), educators  and parents/caregivers across all states of India.

Registration for the eRaksha competition is free. Entries can be submitted in Hindi or English language only.

e-Raksha Competition 2021 By CBSE

The grand Jury will select the top eRaksha competition winners in each category and their creatives will be displayed on NCERT and CyberPeace Foundation Portals.

In times of Covid-19 pandemic, virtual classrooms have become the new norm and digitalmedia has become an invaluable tool for the children and youth to continue their learning.Internet has become one of the prime sources of information, collaboration and socialinteraction across the globe. It is, therefore, the urgent need of the hour to educate the young mind stouse the potential of Internet for their learning and growth and become smart and safe. 

CIET-NCERT in collaboration with CyberPeace Foundation has been spreading awareness amongst children and young adults on the need to be safe, smart and resilient in cyberspace through the ‘e-Raksha Competition’

The e-Raksha Competition 2021 has have been launched and the theme of the competition is:

‘My Idea of a Safe and Peaceful Cyber Space’ 

‘मेरी सोचसुरक्षित और शांतिपूर्ण ऑनलाइन दुनिया’

Objectives of the competition 

To provide a creative and important outlet to children and young people who are currently confined at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to reflect and share about being safe and responsible on the internet. 

To inculcate Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Skills especially when students are spending much of their time in the digital Space for learning and social activities. 

To involve the young minds and give them platform to voice their ideas and suggestions. 

e-Raksha Competition 2021 By CBSE

The CIET-NCERT invites students from class 6 onwards, teachers across all classes and also parents/caregivers to participate in the contest which is free of cost. The participants have to share their original ideas, suggestions and safety precautions in the form of poster, painting, video, essay, blog or any prototype of software application, aligning with the theme of the competition. Entries can be submitted in Hindi or English. Best entries will be awarded prizes and certificates. Winners will also be given the title of ‘Cyber Peace Ambassadors’. 

Cyber Safety Handbook

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The details of the competition are enclosed in the Poster attached and also available on the eRaksha Website (www.eraksha.net) .Last date for registration is 25.07.2021 and the link for registration is https://www.eraksha.net/register-now/

School Heads are requested to disseminate the information amongst the students, teachers and parents to ensure large number of participation in the competition. 

Download Broucher 

For any Assistance – call at + 91 8235058865.  

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