eCourse on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste (e-waste) – Registration Open

Do you want to know about Electronic Waste and its Management? Here is an opportunity provided on DIKSHA, continue learning through eCourse on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste (e-waste). Save Environment!


he course is relevant for:
Class: Class 7, Class 8, Class 9
Subject: ICT in Education
Medium: English

This module has been prepared to create outreach and enhance advocacy with students and teachers across schools in India on the health and environmental impacts of e-waste. The awareness on the subject is important because there are hazardous elements in e-waste. e-waste also contains materials which are important as far as their circular economy potential is concerned. Resource efficiency can be enhanced if e-waste is properly collected and channelized for recycling so that materials can flow back into the production process. This course helps to understand the laws which guide e-waste management in India, its genesis, the health and environmental impacts of e-waste and what students and teachers can do in schools to set-up collection centers so that e-waste can be channelized in an environmentally sound manner for recycling. 

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