Registration Open for EGN Education Awards 2023

Egn Education Awards 2023– Honouring Our Education Heroes

EGN Education, an esteemed network of education stakeholders, is excited to announce the upcoming EGN Education Awards, a momentous event designed to acknowledge the pivotal role played by educators across the nation.

Recognizing the Pillars of Our Nation

Our educators are not just teachers; they are nation builders. Their character, dedication, and passion are the elements that drive a nation forward. Possessing intellectual capabilities that have the power to inspire generations, they tirelessly work towards achieving goals that emphasize parity, social justice, and excellence, both within our borders and on a global scale.

The Vision Behind the EGN Awards

Our theme for this year’s EGN Awards resonates as “Focus on Education Growth – Believe, Achieve, Succeed.” This event is exclusively curated for the top-tier of the educational realm: Senior Policy Makers, Renowned Educationists, and other Principal Stakeholders.

Why Attend?

The EGN Education Awards is not just an award function, it is an experience:

Saluting Excellence: An unmatched platform that honors the unparalleled efforts of our education luminaries.

An Insightful Interaction: Get a deeper understanding of our educators, acknowledging their challenges and triumphs.

A Panoramic View: Addressing every facet of education, from Primary to Secondary, while shedding light on the pivotal aspects of industry-academia growth, technological evolution, and the inherent challenges of the sector.

Event Details

Date: 14th October 2023
Venue: Park Plaza Ludhiana

Special Invitation for EduLeaders

This exclusive event is specially crafted for educational leaders from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, and Jammu Kashmir.

Note: There is no registration fee. However, registration is mandatory to ensure a well-organized and smooth experience for all our distinguished guests.

How to Register?

Your journey with us begins with a simple step. Register by filling out the provided form at your earliest convenience.

EGN Education Awards Registration
EGN Education Awards Registration

Click Here To Register 

For any assistance, our helpline +91 9599354952 is always at your service.

Join us in this grand celebration, where we honor the heroes that sculpt the minds of tomorrow.

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