English Grammar Useful Links for Grade 9 (English Grammar – 9th Support Material )

English Grammar – 9th Support Material 


Video PPT Activity Kit Question Bank


Video PPT Activity Kit Question Bank


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Students will learn to craft more sophisticated sentences. They will use subordinating conjunctions to combine dependent and independent clauses to craft complex sentences.

A deeper comprehension of clauses and conjunctions will help them to understand the building blocks of language. Practice with conjunctions will also help them create more complex sentences and correct run-on sentences. Students will identify examples of subordinate clauses in writing & explain the role of subordinate clauses.


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Prepositions are short words (on, in, to) that usually stand in front of nouns (sometimes

also in front of gerund verbs).

Even advanced learners of English find prepositions difficult, as a 1:1 translation is

usually not possible. One preposition in your native language might have several

translations depending on the situation.

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Reported Speech

Reported Speech: Whenever you are quoting someone else’s words,

you use two kinds of speeches – Direct or Indirect speech. In this

chapter, we will learn all about Direct and Indirect speech and how to

convert one into another.

Reported speech- How does it work?

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:-Voice is that form of verb which shows whether what is denoted by the

The subject does something or has something done to it.

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SUBJECT VERB CONCORD – Concord literally means harmony, agreement. Thus, it means harmony between different members of a group. When we talk of sentences, concord means harmony or agreement between different parts of a sentence, specially the subject and the verb.

Every sentence says something about a person or thing. The part of a sentence

that names the person or thing is called Subject or the part, which gives us

information about the Subject is called Predicate. The subject of a sentence thus

has a close relation to what is being said in the Predicate. The form of the verb

should be in direct relation to the number and person of the Subject.

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Introduction Learning Outcomes Lesson Plan

Letter Writing : The most common form of written communication is the letter. Letter writing is

an indispensable activity of human society. Letters are written communications.

Letter writing is one of the very effective modes of communication. It is a written

message conveyed from one person to another person through mail or post.

We write letters to friends and relatives to maintain contact with them. However,

in present times with the boom in methods of communication, many of us don’t

have the time or inclination, or the temperament and the art of writing letters. So,

telephone, fax and e-mail have replaced personal letters.

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Learning Objectives – Download  

Report Writing: To make the students acquainted with the different types of Reports. To make them understand the use of Report Writing.Students will be able to use the passive vocabulary.

They will be able to use the past tense while reporting an event/ situations.

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Story Writing : Writing a story can be a challenge to the students. However, we can help the students write a complete imaginative story by familiarising them with different

parts of a story, introducing visual or written prompts that inspire them to think of

story ideas, and encouraging them to plan before starting to write. Before you ask

your students to write a story, do the following in the class. Start by reading short stories to your students. By doing this you are showing them what a short story is.

Spend about 15 minutes brainstorming the different elements of the story – about

the characters, plot, setting and dialogues of the story.

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Diary Writing : Since your diary will be kept over a very long period of time, each of your

entries should be dated based on when you write them.Like chapters in a book, you want your diary entry to have some sort of theme or direction. Is it about what you did today? Is it about an upcoming event? An event that already happened? Try and stay focused when writing.

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Email: E-mail or e-mail is an electronic letter sent through the internet. But for the format it is just like a letter.

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Article Writing: An article is a piece of writing usually intended for publication in a newspaper, magazine or journal, It is written for a wide audience, so it is essential to attract and retain the readers’ attention. It may include amusing stories, reported speech and descriptions.It can be formal or informal, depending on the target audience.It Should be written in an interesting or entertaining manner and it should give opinions and thoughts, as well as facts.

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