1500 Fake Admission Letters Caught in Canada, Deporting 103 Students

Beware of Fake Admission Letters: 103 Students Deported from Canada

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Canada Tightens Entry Rules: To combat the influx of fake international students, Canada has introduced stricter visa regulations. Now, before granting a study permit, colleges or universities in Canada will verify the admission letter. Only after this verification will students receive their study visa.

Addressing Admission Frauds:

Canadian Immigration Minister Mark Miller emphasized the rising concerns over fake admission letters. He mentioned that many students remain unaware of such deceptions. “Genuine students will not face issues, but imposters will not gain entry into Canada,” Miller stated. He also highlighted his interactions with international students and the varied challenges they encounter.

IRCC Takes Action:

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has formed a dedicated task force to identify counterfeit admission applications. Already, the body has halted the visa applications of over 1500 students due to dubious admission letters. Shockingly, 450 students managed to enter Canada using these fake admission letters.

Investigations are underway:

263 cases are under scrutiny, with 63 confirmed genuine and 103 identified as fraudulent. Notably, around 25 cases involve students from Punjab. Those found guilty will face deportation. However, genuine students who were unwittingly involved will receive a temporary study visa and can continue their education. A separate probe surrounds the 700 students referred by a Jalandhar-based visa consultant.

Cracking Down on Study Visa Frauds

Fake agents frequently deceive students in Punjab. Verifying admission letters before traveling to Canada can spare them this distress. Indian students make up over 40% of all international students in Canada. In recent years, numerous student fraud cases have emerged. Specifically, a study visa consultant in Jalandhar sent over 700 students to Canada using fake admission letters.

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