FAQs on Policy for Tabulation of Marks for Class X Board Exams 2020-21

 FAQs on Policy for Tabulation of Marks for Class X Board Exams 2020-21

Q.1: In calculation of Class 10th result, CBSE has given reference year as 2019 and mentioned in footnote that for “Maths Basic” the reference year should be taken as 2020. Does this mean reference year for “Maths Basic” will be 2020 and rest of the subjects will be 2019?

Answer- Yes. Reference year for “Maths Basic” will be taken as 2020 and rest of the subjects will be 2019 because “Maths Basic” didn’t exist before 2020.

Q.2: Whether recalculation of mean of total result will be done after taking 2020 as the reference year for “Maths Basic”?

Answer- No. The mean of total result will be the same whatever CBSE has given for the reference year (i.e. 2019, Not 2020). You can align that by doing +/- 2 in other subjects.

Q.3: Regarding clarification for moderation of marks in “Maths Basic” (241) and “Maths Standard” (041)- Our reference year is 2017-18. We have to do moderation according to 2017-18. But for subject “Maths Basic” (241), 2020 reference year is to be followed. We do not find this feasible to do moderation of “Maths Basic” (241) marks as slab-wise distribution is not given for the year 2020. Further this will affect the overall average marks of school.

Answer- Use Slab-wise distribution of 2018. Only for average mean of the subject, 2020 is to be considered. But if average mean is less for 2020 then 2018 can also be taken as reference year. Do what is in the benefit of the students. Whatever Result Committee decides, mention all in your Rationale Document.

Q.4: Guideline as per Point No. 3 of Circular No. 542_547 dated: 11/05/2021 issued by the Exam Branch are different in comparison to the guideline issued by the CBSE. Which guideline to be complied with? Point No. 3 of the DOE Circular dated: 11/05/2021, has to be followed or the CBSE breakup of 10/30/40 for Periodic Test/Mid-term/Pre-Board has to be followed?

Answer- Pl. refer to Point B, C and D in Annex II of the CBSE Notification Dated: 01/05/2021:

As per DOE Endorsement Circular dated: 11/05/2021, Policy has been decided by the DOE to have uniformity in all schools. So “the assessment of 80 Marks will be done by the schools, based on the marks scored by the students in Pre-Board Examination conducted centrally in the month of March/April 2021”. Reason for doing so is that the Pre-Boards were conducted for Theory paper and were conducted of 80 Marks and total 80 Marks are the deciding factor for assessment in CBSE Notification also (10+30+40=80). So this category has been fixed by DOE as “One Category” (not 3 categories of 10/30/40 as stated in CBSE Notification) to decide how much moderation has to be done. Result Committee will mention Point No. 3 of the DOE Endorsement Circular dated: 11/05/2021 in Rationale Document in Point “D” for fixing this category.



(A) As per selected reference year, +2% may be increased, but practically it is not being done. Even after better performance by students, due to % decided by CBSE, students are getting lesser %.

(B) What to do if there is a big difference in average marks of reference year and present year that cannot be moderated by +/- 2 marks, in any subject?

(C) Mode of school examinations throughout the year has been online, which has brought its own challenges and limitations for the school. This has naturally led to a great variation in the average grades achieved by the students from previous academic sessions. Most students have achieved better than normal grades due to the benefit of appearing for exams in a far more lenient atmosphere than in the normal school routine. These students have been issued regular progress reports and are aware of their grades. Is it morally and ethically fair that these students should be forced to see a deduction in their marks for no fault of their own? This will also reflect badly with the parents who shall hold the school and teacher responsible for this.

(D) Some students have not done well in Pre-Board, will they get another chance, or can we moderate their marks on the basis of Periodic Tests and performance in the Class IX?

Answer- Refer Point F in Annex II and Annex III of the CBSE Notification Dated: 01/05/2021- There should be alignment in the marks:

1. in between the distribution of Marks of the reference year given by the CBSE to each school on the portal and,

2. in the marks in the Broadsheet of the school given by the DOE.

This alignment criteria is given in Annex III. It is to be noted that the marks to be considered for alignment are of Theory and are Out of 80 (not Out of 100). Marks can be increased/decreased but must be aligned as per the distribution of marks of the reference year for the particular subject as given by the CBSE.

(A) It has to be moderated and bring it to the level of the reference year. It will be both ways, whether marks are more or less.

(B) Moderate as per any conversion criteria. Whatever formula is being used by the school, that has to be mentioned in the Rationale Document.

(C) Result Committee has to follow CBSE Policy as per Notification dated: 01/05/2021.

(D) Moderate their marks. Marks can be increased/decreased and to be aligned as per the given

reference year. Mention criteria of moderation in the Rationale Document.

Q.6: If an internal member of result committee is deputed for COVID-19 Duty now, can the member be replaced? Can the replacement be done even if the new result committee is not in accordance with norms given by CBSE?

Answer- The member can be replaced preferably by teacher teaching Class X and if not available then PGT can also be replaced. Mention reason of replacement in the Rationale Document.

Q.7: What is the role of Exam In-charge/CBSE In-charge in the preparation of the result? Exam In- charge is a PGT not having taught 10th Class in the session under consideration.

Answer- Exam In-charge will be the member of Result Committee if he/she fulfils the CBSE Criteria of Result Committee. PGT can be a part of Result Committee if committee is not having 5 members available in school as per the criteria of the CBSE due to various reasons e.g. resigned/retired/deputed on some other duty etc.

Q.8: Quality Index not matching. How it can be matched?

Answer- There is no such criteria given in CBSE Notification that Q. I. should match.

Q.9: Reg. Marks of Absentee Students in Pre-Board:

(A) If his/her telephone is not reachable and he/she is unable to be contacted by any means & Marks of those students who did not appear in any exam and are not being able to be contacted at this time even after lot of efforts to contact (means may have gone to their villages and not available on telephone), Then should they be marked “Absent” or should be allotted marks as per Class IX? Will entry of online marks be reopened for absentee students who will give exam telephonically?

(B) Taking exam telephonically for subjects like Science and Maths is not feasible, so whether we can use WhatsApp to send and receive the paper?

Answer- Refer Point No. 07 of DOE Circular Dated: 11/05/2021 and Point E in Annex II of the CBSE Notification Dated: 01/05/2021-

To maintain the uniformity DOE has given “Telephonic Assessment” as the option. Such students are in the broadsheet also so they have to be assessed now telephonically.

How Result Committee decided to assess the “Absent” students, has to be mentioned in the Rationale Document.

(A) Keep in mind that result should be given only for students who exist. If you do not know the whereabouts/existence of the student then he/she should be marked “Absent”.

(B) They can be assesses telephonically/through WhatsApp. Note that NO student to be called in school physically for assessment.


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