GK MCQs Quiz for Students on World River Day

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World River Day Quiz for Kids with Answers

Welcome to Edufeed News in this post you will have an amazing Gk quiz on World river Day for students.This quiz is to raise awareness about rivers.

Introduction: World River Day quiz

Welcome to our World River Day quiz for students! As we all know Rivers play an important role on our earth, as they provide us water, transportation routes. That’s why we all celebrate the World River Day every year to raise awareness about the importance of these lifelines of our planet.

In this blog post, we invite you to test your General knowledge on river with a fun and educational GK quiz.

Take part in GK Quiz on world river day for students:


Questions for students on World River Day with Answers:

Here are some more interesting questions and answers for students on World River Day:

Question: What are the three main types of rivers?
Ans: The three main types of rivers are:
1. Youthful Rivers: Fast-flowing, often in mountainous areas.
2. Mature Rivers: Wider and slower, with meanders.
3. Old Age Rivers: Slow-moving, with extensive floodplains.

Question: What are the biggest threats to rivers today?
Threats to rivers include pollution, habitat destruction, over-extraction of water, dams, and climate change. These factors can harm ecosystems and communities reliant on rivers.

Question : What can you do to protect rivers?
To protect rivers, individuals can reduce water pollution by disposing of waste properly, conserve water, support organizations working for river conservation, and raise awareness about the importance of clean and healthy rivers.

Conclusion:GK MCQs Quiz for kids on World River Day Quiz:

Congratulations on completing our World River Day quiz! We hope you’ve learned more about these essential water bodies and their significance. Don’t forget to share this GK MCQs quiz on World River Day with your friends and family to spread the word about river conservation. Together, we can work towards a healthier future for our rivers and our planet. Thank you for participating in GK Quiz !

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