Guidelines for Digital Education – PRAGYATA

Guidelines for Digital Education – PRAGYATA

COVID-19 pandemic has led to secure disruptions in normal life, including the closure of
schools. It has impacted over 240 million children of the country who are enrolled in
schools. Extended school closures may cause loss of learning. To mitigate the impact
of the pandemic, schools will not only have to remodel and reimagine the way teaching
and learning has happened so far, but will also need to introduce a suitable method of
delivering quality education through a healthy mix of schooling at home and schooling
at school. 

While digital or online education cannot replace classroom learning, it has some
advantages. It allows flexible and personalized learning at the speed of the learner and
one can continuously augment and expand content through digital means. The rapid
increase in internet penetration and various government initiatives such as the Digital India
have created a conducive environment for moving towards digital education.
This shall be complemented by the recent launch of PM e-Vidya by the Ministry of
Human Resource Development (MHRD), a national campaign that will unify all efforts
related to digital/online/on-air education. This includes DIKSHA (one nation – one digital
), TV (one class-one channel), SWAYAM (online MOOCS on various topics), IITPAL
(platform for exam preparation), AIR (through community radio and CBSE Shiksha Vani
) and study materials for differently-abled students developed by NIOS. All these
areas of e-learning shall be expanded and developed further in a systematic and unified
manner by the MHRD in a phased manner. 

1. Understanding Digital/ Online Education 
2. PRAGYATA- Steps for Digital and Online Education 
3.  Guidelines for School Heads, Teachers, Parents and Students 18
3.1 Guidelines for School Heads and Teachers 
4.  Guidelines for Parents
5. Guidelines for Students 
6. Supporting online Learning of Children With Special Needs (CWSN) 
7. Guidelines for Physical Health & Mental Wellness during
Digital Education 
8. Guidelines for State/UT Administration 
9. National Initiatives for Digital Education and Teacher

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