Homework Policy: No homework till second grade, know how much homework you can give till 12th

School Bag Policy 2020 The ‘Policy on School Bag 2020’ document was released by the Ministry of Education on 3 December. It has been prepared by the Department of School Education and Education. There are many suggestions for students ranging from the maximum weight of schoolbags to homework.

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School Bag Policy 2020: School Bag Weight Should Not Exceed 5 Kg, New Policy From Education Ministry

The ‘Policy on School Bag 2020’ document has been released by the Union Ministry of Education, amidst the steps being taken to implement the National Education Policy 2020 across the country. This document, prepared by the Ministry of School Education and Education Department of the Ministry, has made several important suggestions for the students of different classes of schools, from the maximum weight of the school back to covering the maximum part of the syllabus in the classrooms and giving homework. According to the ‘School Bag Policy 2020’ document released by the Ministry on 3 December 2020, there is a provision for not providing any homework for students up to second grade in schools. Also, it has been suggested to give a maximum of 2 hours of homework every week to students from class III to V.

According to the ‘Policy on School Bag 2020’ document, study hours should be taken care of by combining both face-to-face and self-study or homework at the time of syllabus or course planning for students. According to the document, this need grows even more when students go to higher classes.

See the Policy on School Bag 2020 ‘document here

According to the policy document of the Ministry of Education, a maximum of one hour of homework should be given to students in the middle classes i.e. from VI to VIII in schools. Thus the duration of homework in a week should not exceed 5 hours or 6 hours.

Similarly, provisions related to the maximum homework period have also been made in the policy document for secondary and higher secondary classes. Students of these classes should not be given more than 2 hours per day of homework, which is 10 to 12 hours weekly. For this, teachers have to plan according to reduced homework hours.

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