How to be Happy ?

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Every human being in this world toils to be happy ( Sukh) and thwart sadness (dukh). All his thoughts & actions right from birth to death are directed to achieve this. Some are able to achieve it, some achieve to some extent while others continue to strive but happiness remains elusive.  It is a common belief that abundance of wealth and worldly things bring with them happiness; some others  find it in power. But we have all seen while the wealthiest and most powerful cannot  sleep at night even on a costly and comfortable bed without sleeping pills. A poor labourer who has worked hard during the day sings and dances in the evening before sleeping on the hard floor. 

Our scriptures have therefore concluded that happiness does not lie in gathering materialistic goods, it lies in their renunciation ( Tyag). What a contradiction! But true. A big house, a big car or any such thing van gives us happiness is short-lived but a mere thought of being satisfied with what we have takes a load of worries and tensions of our head – gives us the real sukh.

A man had a weakness for  Rasgullas. When he gets one he is overjoyed. He consumes one, two and three maybe, four rasgullas. Now ask him to have the fifth he will not only refuse it emphatically but also say ’ ab maaroge kya’. This means your liking for the worldly things gives you happiness up to a limit and beyond that it turns into a punishment ( Dukh). But here we are talking of permanent happiness.

Sri Krishna in Geeta says the real sukh lies in renunciation (Tyag). He who does not differentiate between summer and winter, who is equally happy with whatever he gets to eat for sustenance, he who does not rejoice on attaining something or is not depressed on losing something, is very dear to me.

What does the song say

 ‘ gham aur khushi mein farak naa mehsoos ho jahan,

 main dil ko uss mukam pe laata chala gaya, 

Main dil ko uss mukam pe lata chala gaya

Sukh which we loosely call happiness is different from bliss which is a much higher stage of being happy. Whereas sukh comes from outside i.e. the worldly things,  bliss ( anand) comes from inside. Happiness is short lived while  bliss is perpetual. It is forever or till we fall for materialistic attractions. To experience this happiness we would look for a luxurious house, a big car or contacts with the so called big people and so on. Contrary to attain bliss we have to leave all these and look for peace of mind ( shanti). For real bliss one has to learn to ‘give’ rather than ‘take’.

Yoga, pranayam, meditation and donation are the easiest ways to attain bliss. Such a person does not indulge in any negative thoughts about anyone, he does not discuss weaknesses of others instead he stays aloof, does not discuss negativities and looks at the world with positivity. He feels that everyone is a child of God and hence a sibling to us. So he gets over mutual fights, jealousy, competition and lust for wealth and power. He is always ready to help others. 


Author: Ms.Shuchi Gupta 

Principal – Air Force School Jammu

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