‘Innovation Ambassador – Online Training Program’ by CBSE

‘Innovation Ambassador – Online Training Program’ by CBSE in collaboration with Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) and AICTE

Nurturing young school students on problem-solving and critical thinking is very important. New Education The policy has also laid huge emphasis on promoting out-of-the-box thinking amongst students. To achieve this
goal, the role of teachers becomes highly significant. The teachers should become mentors and guide these
young minds in their pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, it is equally crucial for teachers to have adequate mentoring skills.

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In order to strengthen the mentoring capacity of teachers for Nurturing and handholding ideas from
students, CBSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and AICTE is launching the online‘Innovation Ambassador Program’. In this program, the teachers shall be trained on the following
four modules: 

1. Design Thinking & Innovation(Duration-26 Hours) 
2. Idea generation & Ideal hand-holding (Duration-15 Hours) 
3. Intellectual Property Rights (Duration-12 Hours) 
4. Product / Prototype development (Duration-13 Hours)

The content of the four modules is enclosed at Annexure for reference. 

These modules will be offered free of cost toall the selected CBSE teachers. Upon successful completion of
the trainings, these trained teachers shall be designated as ‘Innovation Ambassadors’.

Role of the ‘Innovation Ambassadors’: 

 Help in creating the culture of Innovation in their respective schools 
 Mentor the teachers and students of their respective schools and nearby schools 
 Provide support to other schools as resource person 
 Spread the message of innovation and start-ups among the students and faculties 
 Act as an evaluator for Idea Competitions conducted at the national level 
 Act as a Mentor for the national level program on Innovation and related activities

Through this ‘Innovation Ambassador Program’, CBSE envisages to train 50,000 teachers (i.e. two/ three
teachers per school) from all CBSE affiliated schools as ‘Innovation Ambassadors’. Thus, all CBSE-affiliated
schools should nominate four/five teachers from their school (in order of preference) for this program. 

Selection of teachers shall be based on the following criteria:

 Involvement in developing innovative student projects 
 Passion for working with students on developing new ideas 
 DemonstratesProblem-solving skills 
 Possesses good communication and analytical skills 
 Participated in any science/innovation exhibition, hackathons and idea competitions, etc

The first batch of the first module of the first module viz. Design Thinking & Innovation will start on
17thMay 2021. The formal launch of the Innovation Ambassador Program is scheduled on 13thMay 2021.

Selection of teachers will be done on the basis of their credentials and only the selected teachers will be
informed about their batch, date, and timing of training through email in advance (on the email id of the
school SPOC provided at the time of registration).

Registration Link: Please provide details of teachers nominated for the ‘Innovation Ambassador Program’
using the link

https://forms.gle/6h7WUcRtKPwoLD8H9 on or before 10thMay 2021.

 Content of the Innovation Ambassador Program

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