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 Intel® Education Initiative – Web Resources

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The Intel® Education Website provides resources, tools and strategies that support effective practices in technology integration and promotion of student-centered learning. 

21st-century teaching resources

21st-century teaching and learning resources help teachers play a critical role in facilitating learning activities and posing questions that take student thinking deeper.

Designing Effective Projects ›

Provides an overview of the effective use of project approaches across the curriculum and class levels. Presents what current research says about higher-order thinking and what this looks like in elementary and secondary classrooms. Showcases how to engage students and meet your instructional aims.

India Unit Plans

Showcases ideas from a collection of the exemplary unit plan and help design your own technology-rich lesson plan.

K-12 Teaching Tools

Thinking tools

Free tools and resources for educators support collaborative student-centered learning. Online thinking tools are active learning places where students engage in robust discussions, pursue investigations, analyze complex information, and solve problems.

Productivity tools

Assessing Projects ›

Develop strategies for the student-centered assessment and create your own from an Assessment library

Help Guide ›

Find step-by-step instructions for hundreds of technical skills for commonly used software applications

21st-century learning resources

Technology Literacy ›

Cultivate technology literacy and digital citizenship for students ages 11-15 with learning that is active, creative, exploratory, and collaborative.


Media-rich resources free to students and teachers in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey, emphasizing math and science.

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