What Will Be ISRO’s Next Missions in Space Exploration?

ISRO’s Next Missions: Exploring Venus and Mars

Explore the ISRO’s Next Missions latest advancements in India’s space exploration journey by ISRO! ISRO’s new ambition is to plan for Venus and Mars missions and to start a new era in space research and technology for all.

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India’s Journey to the Stars: Observations of Venus and Mars

Bengaluru, November 2023 –The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is expanding its boundaries in space exploration. ISRO’s Next Missions are going to target Venus and Mars within the next five years. Dr. M Sankaran who is the Director of the UR Rao Satellite Center in Bengaluru, shared these bold ambitions for Venus and Mars in a recent interview with a very renowned media house of India, that marks a new chapter in India’s space journey.

India’s Space Achievements: A Summary

India’s story of space exploration is adorned with significant achievements of space exploration, including the significant Mangalyaan Orbiter Mission in 2019. Following the successful test flight of Gaganyaan, India’s first manned spaceflight, ISRO is now gearing up for more challenging missions to Venus and Mars.

Overcoming New Space Challenges for ISRO

Dr. Sankaran also highlighted the upcoming challenges in his interview, such as dealing with the intense heat during the Mars mission’s atmospheric entry and to find the best launch windows etc. One more key challenge for ISRO is developing launch vehicles which could have the capacity to carrying heavier payloads necessary for all these ambitious missions.

Lessons from the Past for ISRO: Chandrayaan-2

Pointing on the Chandrayaan-2 mission by ISRO, Dr. Sankaran noted the valuable lessons that they had learned from it, particularly in sensor technology and the capability to launch heavier payloads. This understanding is important lesson for the planning and execution of future missions.

Mission Current Status
Mars In the Planning Phase
Venus Concept Review Stage


The Mars mission by ISRO focuses on advanced landing technologies and thermal protection to withstand Mars’ atmosphere and The Venus mission by ISRO, referred to as ‘Shukrayaan,’ is progressing through the concept review stage.

What are other Missions by ISRO?

ISRO’s Next Missions vision extends beyond planetary exploration. The organization aims to contribute to our understanding of space climate and solar phenomena. The recent success of the Aditya-L1 mission, India’s pioneering mission to study the Sun, underscores this broader objective, with the Hel1OS spectrometer offering new insights into solar flares.

Conclusion: India’s Expanding Role in Space Exploration

India’s space ambitions symbolise more than just reaching new celestial bodies, they represent the country’s growing expertise and stature in space technology.

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