Download KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper 2023-24 Pdf

Download KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper 2023-24 – First Periodic Test Practice Paper

As students gear up for the first periodic test in Class XII, it becomes imperative to have access to high-quality practice materials.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) understands the significance of thorough preparation and has provided practice papers for Hindi Core for the academic year 2023-24.

In this article, we present an opportunity for teachers to download the KVS Hindi Core first periodic Practice Paper 2023-24, enabling them to guide students effectively and enhance their performance in this crucial subject.


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Download KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper 2023-24: Download PDF

Hindi Core (Set A) Download PDF
Hindi Core (Set B) Download PDF
Hindi Core (Set C) Download PDF

Exam Overview:

The KVS Hindi Core first periodic Practice Paper 2023-24 has been meticulously designed to align with the syllabus and examination pattern prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for Class XII.

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It KVS Hindi Core first periodic Practice Paper 2023-24 covers a comprehensive range of topics, including prose, poetry, comprehension, grammar, and writing skills. This practice paper offers an excellent platform for students to evaluate their Hindi language proficiency and familiarize themselves with the expected question formats and marking scheme.

Utilizing the KVS Hindi Core first periodic Practice Paper 2023-24:

Teachers can utilize the KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper to facilitate productive practice sessions for their students. Here are some suggestions to make the most of this valuable resource:

Mock Tests: Conduct mock tests using the practice paper to simulate the actual examination environment. This exercise will help students manage their time effectively, improve their speed, and build confidence.

Question Analysis: Encourage students to thoroughly analyze the questions in the practice paper. Discuss the question patterns, identify the areas where students face challenges, and provide guidance on effective strategies to tackle them.

Marking Scheme: Familiarize students with the marking scheme provided in the practice paper. Explain the importance of understanding the allocation of marks for each question and guide them on how to structure their answers accordingly.

Writing Skills: Focus on enhancing students’ writing skills by providing feedback and suggestions on their answers. Emphasize the importance of clarity, coherence, grammar, and vocabulary in Hindi language proficiency.

Remedial Measures: Identify the areas where students struggle the most and offer remedial measures accordingly. Provide additional resources, examples, and practice exercises to strengthen their understanding and grasp of the subject.

By incorporating these strategies, teachers can effectively utilize the KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper to improve students’ comprehension, analytical abilities, and overall performance in the subject.


The KVS Hindi Core Practice Paper for the academic year 2023-24 serves as an invaluable resource for teachers and students preparing for the first periodic test in Class XII.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the expected question formats and helps students gauge their readiness for the examination.

By downloading the practice paper, teachers can guide their students towards success in Hindi Core by conducting mock tests, analyzing questions, explaining the marking scheme, and focusing on enhancing writing skills.

Let us embrace this opportunity to empower our students with the necessary tools and practice materials to excel in Hindi Core.

By utilizing the KVS Hindi Core first periodic Practice Paper 2023-24, we can support our students in their journey towards language proficiency, better understanding of the subject, and overall academic success. Download the practice paper, guide your students with expertise, and witness their growth as they master the Hindi language.

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