Life in a Green Room By Shikha Chakravarty

Locked in our own home. Outsiders absolutely banned. The heart wants to fly and wants

to be free as a bird again but still inside four walls . Right now we all are in the same
situation across the world. As its rightly said that …When you can’t go outside ….GO
INSIDE. Little words with absolutely deep meaning.If we Imagine ourselves that right
now we all are in GREEN ROOM . A room where a performer gets ready for the show
or wait and relax when they are not performing.
Every one of us must have performed many times somewhere or the other in life may
be its singing , dancing , stand up comedy , presentations , public speaking etc .If we
just imagine the kind of feeling inside our mind we get when our name is just going to
be announced …. “Now I would like to call upon stage Mr/Ms Abc.”
( That Moment ….That Feeling ……That Nervousness ……That point of time
which gives us Goose Bumps )
A moment of time that gives us chills in our spines . A moment of time where we
gather all our courage and confidence in Heart and Mind to step ahead . A moment of
time where only one thing is in our mind that ….No matter what I WILL WIN.
So when we compare our lives right now we have got an extremely privileged time once
in a lifetime to Energize, Reinvent, Redesign, Reinnovate & Transform ourselves to
an extremely different Peak .This is the time to practice for those 10,000 shots behind
the scene so that the final shot outside the green room would be the Grand Finale
Winner Shot .
This is the time to be more determined and to work with LASER LIKE FOCUS . Where
distractions are to be kept aside and only & only Our dreams should Shine in our eyes
, Our dreams should awaken our minds. So why don’t we utilize this time as A
Blessing in Disguise and prepare ourselves for the Great Performance Ahead. To
turn out to be a Beautiful Transformation of ideas and knowledge which shines in our
face into multifolds once we step out in the World. Keep Shining & Keep Rising.
Be Fearlessly Authentic and Design Your Own Style.
Shikha Chakravarty
Educationist, Soft Skills Trainer & Image Consultant
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