Life Skill – Leadership Skill Case Study

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 Life Skill ∝Leadership Skill Case Study:

What do these pictures say:

1. People supported you when you were weak and helpless(Pic-1).

2. When you became strong, you abused your authority because you’ve got an ego(Pic-2).

3. Time changed and again you are weak and helpless(pic-3).


1. Rank, Strength & Money ∝ Time

2. Nothing is Permanent and time is the greatest teacher.

3. Adaptiveness, Positiveness, help & Empathy ∝ Life Skills

3. Gratitude, Learning agility, Empathy & Support ∝ Leadership Skills

4. Be the Leader, Not the Boss because only the Leader is remembered.

Just as a child needs help and support to move forward, the team working with you also needs help and support or vice versa ◆Leader ∝ Team◆

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Story: Toro

Toro, the lawn equipment manufacturer, is accustomed to lawsuits, due to the inherent hazards associated with using its machinery. During the late 1980s, the company was facing major financial troubles and put Ken Melrose in place as CEO. One of his first successes was reducing the company’s cost of lawsuits by implementing a new mediation policy and invoking an important leadership trait: empathy.

Prior to Melrose’s tenure, Toro faced about 50 lawsuits every year involving serious injuries. He decided to switch to mediation to address product liability claims. This approach included sending a company representative to meet with people injured by Toro products, as well as their families. The goal was to see what went wrong, express the firm’s sympathy, and attend to the family’s needs. One result of the new mediation policy was a 95% rate of resolving the company’s claims, along with significant cost savings.

Great leaders recognize problems and do what it takes to overcome them. They are open and empathetic and let their values guide their actions.
Leadership Development

Outstanding business managers can take a potentially disastrous situation and not only prevent it from becoming worse but turn it into a positive outcome for the company. A leader uses a variety of leadership traits when taking an organization through turbulence:

●Learning Agility
●Time Management
●Conflict resolution
●Clear vision

Not all leaders possess all of these skills. While CEOs like Howard Schultz, Ken Melrose, and James Parker have natural talent and leadership abilities, most managers of this caliber recognize their weaknesses, as well as their strengths, and take advantage of opportunities to develop their areas of weakness.

Dr Komal Chandra Joshi
Senior Educator,
National Awardee of “Dr. S Radhakrishnan Award” & IIMK Alumnus

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