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The National Education Policy 2020 emphasises empowering young minds & creating a learning ecosystem that can nurture young learners for future leadership roles. To foster this goal, and commemorate India’s 75 years of Independence, a national scheme for mentoring young authors will go a long way in cementing the foundation of these leaders of tomorrow.

For a country like India, which tops the world chart in the youth population, we have a lot of potential ready to be tapped into and utilized for capacity and nation-building. This demographic advantage offers India and its economy an unprecedented edge. With this express intent of mentoring a new generation of young creative writers, there is an imminent requirement to take initiatives at the highest level, under the visionary national level flagship programme of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat.

Essentially, the scheme envisions cultivating modern ambassadors of Indian literature as the country heads towards 75 years of independence. Our country is ranked 3rd in the arena of book publishing, and to further boost this treasure trove of indigenous literature, it is imperative that we project this on the global stage.

This scheme will help not only develop a stream of writers who can write on a spectrum of subjects to promote Indian heritage, culture and knowledge, but also provide a window to the aspiring youth to articulate themselves in their mother tongue and represent India at an international level.

This programme will be in tune with Hon’ble PM’s vision of Global Citizen and establish India as a Vishwa Guru.

This scheme will ensure creating a pool of authors in 22 Indian languages who are ready to express themselves and project India on any international platform, as well as it will help in projecting Indian culture and literature globally.

The young authors so mentored shall become proficient in writing in various genres like fiction, non-fiction, travelogues, memoirs, drama, poetry and so on.

It will make sure to bring reading and authorship as a preferred profession at par with other job options, making the children of India take reading and knowledge as an integral part of their grooming up years. In addition, it will bring a positive psychological push to the young minds given the impact and effect of the recent pandemic on the mental health of children.

A total of 10 young authors from each of 22 official Indian languages + 1 English Language will be selected, i.e. 230 (23 x10) + 20 (nominated as per outstanding work in the field of literature) Total = 250 young authors.

Phase I – Training (6 months)

The National Book Trust, India will organise a Two-Week Writers’ Online Programme for the selected candidates for the first three months. During this period, the young authors will be trained by two eminent authors/mentors from NBT’s panel of accomplished authors and writers, for each language group.

PHASE II – Promotion (6 months)

  1. The young authors will get to expand their understanding and hone their skills through interaction at various international events such as Literary Festivals, Book Fairs, Virtual Book Fair, Cultural Exchange Programmes, etc.
  2. Selected child authors will also be paid annual scholarship
  3. A book or a series of books written by the young authors will be published by NBT, India as the outcome of the mentorship programme.
  4. Efforts will be made to get the selected books translated into UN and other international languages and promote the same through Indian embassies in collaboration with NBT.
  5. Their books thus published will be translated into other Indian languages ensuring the exchange of culture and literature between different states of India and thereby promoting Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat.
Source: MyGov.

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