Motivation : Father on duty saluting DSP Daughter in Andhra’s Tirupati

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Father on duty saluting DSP daughter in Andhra’s Tirupati, photos go viral

Saluting her daughter became a moment of pride for Circle Inspector Shyam Sundar in Andhra Pradesh Police. In fact, his daughter Jessie Prasanti has become the DSP of Guntur district. Both have arrived at the state police duty Meet Ignite operating in Tirupati. It will run from 4 to 7 January. Andhra Pradesh Police shared this photo on their Twitter. It is getting a lot of praise on social media.

Prasanti said that when her father was doing salute, she herself became uncomfortable. Later, he also saluted his father. Prasant of the 2018 batch considers father as her inspiration. Prasanti chose her career in this field only after seeing her father serving the people. Prasanti’s father’s name is Sundar. He joined the Police Department in 1996 as a Sub Inspector. He is currently a Circle Inspector and posted at the Police Training Center.

Shyam Sundar became emotional upon seeing his daughter on duty. After this, he went to the daughter and saluted proudly saying ‘Namaste Madam‘. In response, Jesse Prashanti also returned and said ‘Thank you, dad’.

It’s True Motivation For Students 


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