Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) Quiz With Participation Certificate

Celebrate Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) Quiz

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Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) Trivia: A Nationwide Invitation to Engage with India’s Constitution

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs is commemorating Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) with two unique digital initiatives. Every year on November 26, Samvidhan Diwas is celebrated to honor the adoption of the Indian Constitution.

Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) is not only a tribute to the document that forms the backbone of Indian democracy but also a way to remember the vision and hard work of the founding fathers of the nation.

Participate in the Constitution Quiz and Preamble Reading

To mark this significant day, the Ministry invites citizens to engage in an Online Quiz titled “Bharat: Loktantra Ki Janani” and an Online Reading of the Preamble to the Constitution. These Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) activities are designed to deepen the understanding and appreciation of the Constitution among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Two Interactive Portals for Maximum Participation

The Ministry has launched two interactive web portals:

Online Reading of the Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) Preamble: Available in 22 official languages and English, allowing participants to connect with the Constitution’s essence. Visit Read the Preamble.

Online Quiz on the Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day): Test your knowledge on the Indian Constitution with the quiz “Bharat: Loktantra Ki Janani”. Available at Constitution Quiz.

Get Certified and Share on Social Media

Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) Quiz Participants from anywhere can engage with these portals and upon completion, receive a Certificate of Participation. These participation certificates can be proudly shared on social media platforms using the hashtag #SamvidhanDiwas, creating a wave of constitutional awareness and pride.

Indian Constitution’s Significance

In 2023, as we celebrate Samvidhan Diwas, it’s an opportunity for every citizen to reflect on the values and principles enshrined in our Constitution. The Constitution of India stands as a beacon of democracy, social justice, secularism, and federalism, guiding the nation towards unity and integrity.

Participating in these special events like Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day) is more than just an educational exercise; it’s an act of patriotism and a tribute to our democratic ethos. It reminds us of our rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages a dialogue about the role of the Constitution in our daily lives.

Join the Celebration and Spread Awareness

As we approach Samvidhan Diwas, let’s join hands in this nationwide celebration. Let’s travel into the rich history and principles of our Constitution, and be a part of these engaging and enlightening activities.

Embrace your role in this vibrant democracy and spread the spirit of constitutional literacy and awareness.

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