School Bag Policy 2020: School Bag Weight Should Not Exceed 5 Kg, New Policy From Education Ministry

Big Decision: The weight of School bag will not exceed FIVE KG, homework deadline set    

School Bag Policy 2020: Ministry of Education has announced several measures under the new School Bag Policy. In the new policy, the weight of school bags of students from class 1 to 10th should not exceed 10 percent of their body weight. Similarly, the time limit for homework has also been fixed class wise.

States strictly implemented orders

The Union Education Ministry has directed all states and union territories to strictly follow these decisions from the new academic session.

No homework till second grade

Under the new policy, homework will not be given to students up to class II. There should be limited weekly homework of 2 hours for classes 3 to 6, 1 hour of homework daily for classes 6 to 8 and a maximum of 2 hours of homework for classes 9 to 12.

Weight will be printed on books

Publishers must also print its weight on the back of books. There will be a total of three books for the first class students, weighing up to 1,078 grams. There will be a total of six books for students studying in XII, which will weigh up to 4,182 grams.

The weight of books in the bags of school students will be 500 grams to 3.5 kg. While the weight of copies will be 200 grams to 2.5 kg. Lunch box and bottle weight will also be included in this.

Trolley bag

According to the policy, Trolley-Bags should be stopped as they can injure the child while climbing stairs. It has also been directed that schools need to ensure that the facilities provide them in sufficient quantity and good quality.

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