SOPs / Guidelines for School Reopening in Punjab

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SOPs / Guidelines for School Reopening in Punjab

Punjab Govt. has taken the decision to reopen schools from 19th Oct- keeping in line with Centre Govt guidelines for Classes 9th-12th. All are requested to go through this video, follow the SOPs to apprise themselves & then proceed.

To ensure safety, health and well-being of the students, the state government has released a detailed set of SOPs and Guidelines for reopening of schools in Punjab. Check the revised dates and SOPs released by the Government Below:

  • Masks Compulsory: As per the guidelines released by Punjab Education Department, all students visiting schools have to compulsorily wear a mask during their stay on the campus. Parents have been asked to sensitize students about the importance of wearing a mask while at schools and also to tell their children or wards to not exchange masks with others.
  • Dressing: The guidelines also prescribe students to wear full-sleeved clothes to minimize the interaction with any public surface.
  • Shift-Based Classes: In order to ensure that proper social distancing is maintained among students, while they attend classes; the state government has empowered schools to take the decision to run schools in two shifts. In case of higher strength of students, schools have also been allowed to call students on alternate days to ensure proper physical distance is maintained.
  • Ensure Availability of COVID essentials: School administrators have also been instructed by the exam authorities to ensure availability of COVID essentials including foot-operated hand washing facilities in the schools and ensure availability of key supplies like contactless thermometers, disinfectants, soaps, etc and arrange for the availability of these essentials in advance before school reopening.
  • Seating Arrangements: Schools have also been directed to device alternative seating arrangements and to mark the seats in classrooms ensuring a distance of a minimum of 6 feet. On similar lines, social distancing norms are to be strictly followed in staffrooms, office areas, hostels, and other places of public interaction.
  • Awareness Drive: Schools would also ensure the installation of posters/messages/stickers and signage at appropriate places reminding students about maintaining social distancing. 
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