Students Dissatisfied With 12th Number Will Be Able To Apply For Marks Verification From Today, Problems Of Students Will Be Solved In Four Categories

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an important notification for the students who are dissatisfied with their class 12th marks. Such students who are unhappy about their marks can register for marks verification from today. Students can take part in this four-stage process to solve their problems. The application process for this will continue till August 12. At the same time, the board will have to solve all the problems by August 14.

Board has issued a notification

In a notification issued in this regard, the board said that such students who are not satisfied with their marks obtained in class 12th can apply to the principal of their school for marks verification. Apart from this, if there is any mistake in the marks tabulation by the result committee then they will be able to rectify it. Also, students who have objections to the new policy can also apply.

Register like this

Students dissatisfied with their marks will have to explain their reasons through letter to the principal. After this the school will keep this record with them both online and offline. The result preparation committee will examine it on the basis of the reasons of the students. If the result of the investigation is found correct, then the student will be sent a reply by the committee. This entire process will be kept in Type-1 category.

If there is a mistake in the result, the regional office will settle the dispute

If a mistake is found in the marks of the students, then the committee will inform the schools about the mistake with all the documents and its effect. Along with this, the principal of the school and the chairman of the result committee will also give information about this in the regional office. After this, the Regional Officer will take a decision in this matter and make necessary corrections. It will be kept in the Type-II category.

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This process will happen if there is a mistake in the marks tabulation

At the same time, if the result committee finds wrong tabulation in marks without any objection from any student, then for this, they have to apply by clicking on type three. Under this, wrong calculation of marks and mistake in uploading the result will also be checked. For this, officers up to the level of Assistant Secretary of CBSE, Principal of Kendriya Vidyalayas, Principal of private schools and Director of Education will be involved in the inquiry committee. The committee will complete its investigation and submit its report to the regional office.

For an objection to the new policy, apply in type-4 category

Apart from this, if any student has any kind of objection to the new policy, then for this, he will have to apply on Type-4 category. However, it is mandatory to give complete details regarding the objection. Thereafter, it will be considered by a Board headed by Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and above officers and retired Principal. The committee will give its suggestions to the controller of examination and the controller of examination will take a decision in the matter.

Keep these things in mind 

Students will not be able to challenge the methods adopted by the Board for fixing, subtracting and increasing the marks.

School and students will have to clear class 10th or 12th about the application.

  • Disputes of 12th will be settled mainly.
  • After the settlement of the 12th dispute, the 10th result dispute will be resolved.
  • Students applying to colleges are advised to apply to the college or university on time without waiting for the outcome of the dispute.
  • For settlement of the dispute, only five thousand rupees will be paid by the board to the schools. 

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