Webinar Series on National Educational Policy By CBSE

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New Educational Policy, launched in 2020, is a landmark document for the educational
community to understand, absorb and implement in principle and practice. To facilitate this,
conducting a series of webinars for its Principals, Teachers and Parents as per the details given below: 

First Phase (For Principals): CBSE- Centres of Excellence will conduct the first phase of webinars starting
from 15th January 2021 as per the schedule given at Annexure A. CoE will send a participation link of the virtual
meet to the school principals as per schedule. Certificates shall be awarded to the principals on the
basis of attendance provided by the CoEs. 

Second Phase (For Teacher): This phase of the webinar will be conducted through live streaming; starting
from 1st February 2021 as per the schedule given in Annexure B. Live streaming links are given in the
annexure. No registration is required and no link shall be sent in this phase. During live streaming a link
to the quiz shall be provided and the certificate shall be awarded to the participants of the quiz. 

Third Phase (For Principals): Each school will organize webinars for the parents; starting from 15th
February 2021
and shall report to the CBSE by using the link: https://forms.gle/UAZ8uB9h23pGRbwj9
To prevent unauthorized responses this link is accessible through cbseshiksha.in email id only, which is
available with the schools. Board will not issue any certificate to the participants of this phase. 

Webinars shall be organized without any participation fee. 

All the Heads of School affiliated with the CBSE
are requested to participate in the webinar(s) and encourage teachers and parents to join the same.
Participation in these webinars may be helpful in planning at the school level as per the vision of NEP-2020

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