WizQuiz – All India Inter-School Quiz Competition by National Defence Academy (NDA)

WizQuiz by NDA – All India Inter School Quiz

Welcome to Edufeed News. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of knowledge with WizQuiz 2023 by NDA, the prestigious All India Inter School Quiz organized by the National Defence Academy (NDA).

Engage in the ultimate NDA quiz competition – Wizquiz 2023. Test your knowledge in this prestigious inter-school, all-India quiz organized by the National Defence Academy. Join the excitement and participate in the NDA quiz for students and kids!

Designed to challenge young minds and ignite a passion for learning, WizQuiz 2023 by NDA offers a platform for students from across the country to showcase their intelligence and compete against the brightest minds.

In this post, we will introduce you to the WizQuiz 2023 event by NDA, Eligibility, Registration, Theme & Prep, Prizes, and Other Important Rules.

WizQuiz NDA Quiz Competition 2023

National Defence Academy (NDA) is the only Tri-Services Training Academy and an iconic institution that attracts not only the finest young men from all corners of the country but also from friendly foreign countries.

In the seven decades of its service to the nation, the academy had grown both in grace and grandeur. Military leaders who graduated from the NDA have proved their mettle during various wars fought by the Indian armed forces.

Since the institution requires highly motivated youth for its primary role of training cadets to become officers and serve as feeder initiation to Pre-Commission Training academies of the Indian Armed Forces.

The academy is conducting a number of events such as the all-India Inter-School Quiz Competition ‘WizQuiz’, to increase awareness about the National Defence Academy (NDA) as an attractive career option amongst students.

You are requested to disseminate the above information among the students and teachers of your school and encourage the maximum number of students to participate in the WizQuiz Competition.

About WIZQUIZ 2023 by NDA

National Defence Academy is celebrating 75 glorious years of its existence at the time when the country is celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav which marks 75 years of India’s independence.

As part of its Glorious Years Celebrations, NDA is proud to present Wizquiz 2023, an inter-school quiz competition.

The commemoration of the National Defence Academy’s 75 years of glory, together with the quiz competition, will serve as a reminder of the institution’s vital role in shaping India’s defence forces.

Eligibility of WIZQUIZ – Inter-school Quiz Competition

1. The WizQuiz 2023 by NDA is open to all students enrolled in classes IX to XIl in schools in India.

2. Each team must comprise two team members.

3. Both students must be enrolled in the same school Inter-class teams are allowed.

4. E.g., a team can consist of a Class IX student and a Class XIl student.

Registration for WIZQUIZ 2023 by NDA- All India Inter-School Quiz Competition

1. Prior online registration is mandatory to take part in the quiz.

2. To register visit wizquiz.consultnexus.in.

3. Registration must be done by the school staff only.

4. A school can register a maximum of three (3) teams.

WIZQUIZ 2023- NDA quiz for Students-Theme & Prep

1. The theme of the WizQuiz 2023 by NDA is “India”.

2. Participants will be tested on their general knowledge and other areas such as current affairs, sports, science, entertainment, the history of the NDA and India’s Armed Forces.

3. The WizQuiz 2023 by NDA requires no specific preparation.

Other Important Rules for WIZQUIZ 2023 by NDA

1. Participants must present a school ID card or a bonafide letter or certificate from the school before Stage I of the quiz.

2. A team may be disqualified from the competition at any stage if they fail to produce proof of identity within the stipulated time.

3. A team may be disqualified at any stage if found using unfair means to answer questions.

Prizes for the winners of WIZQUIZ 2023

1. Prizes worth Rupees One Lakh Twenty thousand will be awarded to the finalists.

2. E-participation certificate will be awarded to all registered teams.

WIZQUIZ 2023 Programme

Stage 1 of WIZQUIZ 2023- NDA Quiz for Kids

1. The preliminary round is open to all registered teams.

2. Each team will need to attempt 40 questions in 20 minutes Each question will have four options.

3. Teams must choose the right answer from these options.

4. The quiz will be hosted on an online quiz platform (We recommend that participants use a common browser such as Google Chrome or Edge to access the quiz.

5. We recommend that participants attempt the quiz using a laptop or desktop.

6. Each team is allowed only one attempt.

Stage 2 & 3 of WIZQUIZ 2023- NDA Quiz

1. These rounds will be conducted online on Zoom and Kahoot and will be hosted by a quizmaster.

2. Detailed information regarding these rounds will be communicated only to the teams that qualify for this stage.

3. Both members of the team must join the Zoom session from the same location, using a single laptop or desktop computer.

Stage 4 of WIZQUIZ 2023- Inter School Quiz Competition

1. The top six teams from the national semi-finals will qualify for the grand finale.

2. The Grand Finale will be held at the National Defence Academy campus in Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra.

3. Details of the finals will be communicated through SMS and email.

Travel & Stay Arrangments for WIZQUIZ 2023 by NDA

1. Travel charges for finalists (2 Members + 1 Teacher in each team) will be reimbursed, maximum up to 3AC fare till Pune.

2. Transport to and from Pune Railway Station/Airport will be provided to the finalists.

3. Finalists (2 Members + 1 Teacher in each team) will be provided Lodging and Messing at Pune for a period of two days maximum.

Conclusion: WIZQUIZ 2023 – NDA Competition

WizQuiz by NDA is not just an ordinary quiz, but an opportunity for students to showcase their intellectual prowess and broaden their horizons.

The event’s official website serves as a comprehensive platform that facilitates smooth participation and provides valuable resources for contestants.

By participating in WizQuiz, students can engage in healthy competition, expand their knowledge base, and build essential life skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and effective communication.

So, gear up, register on the WizQuiz website, and get ready to embark on a thrilling intellectual adventure!

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